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What you see here are a few nice examples of business solutions powered by skybow solution accelerators. You have to be aware that you can do a lot more with our software.


The marketing campaign from Microsoft creates the impression that everything is user-friendly and already integrated. SharePoint is, however, not a finished application, but more like a module which can be used to create full-fledged business solutions. It is comparable to a Lego set for a house. You get a lot of individual pieces, but you have to put it together yourself. In just about every case, a service provider has to make adjustments. This is exactly where we come in with our "skybow solution accelerators". Forty extensions to structure the data within SharePoint, to logically create applications, to improve the user-experience of the system and to illustrate the data lifecycle are available. Instead of programming with Visual Studio, you will configure your requirements using, for example, the "solution studio" from skybow. Developers are able to implement business solutions in SharePoint more efficiently than ever before, such as CRM, patent or contract management, employee on-boarding or compliance case management.

Brief description of the skybow accelerators.

To the skybow solution studio


Du bist ein kommunikativer SharePoint-Geek? Melde dich bei uns als "Technical Product Evangelist (m/w)"!

Wir suchen motivierte, reisefreudige und kommunikative Mitarbeiter für die Unterstützung im Consulting Team im Markt Nord-Deutschland und den Niederlanden.

Wir blicken zurück auf ein erfolgreiches Jahr 2015!

skybow wünscht Ihnen einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und teilt mit Ihnen die skybow Highlights des vergangenen Jahres.

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