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Infopath Replacement

Microsoft has offered InfoPath (Forms Services), a proprietary server-side solution, as part of SharePoint’s enterprise edition. InfoPath has offered a decent forms designer, control behaviors and control validation to a degree, and a rudimental code back-end (server-side) for implementing actions on data changes.

InfoPath was great for simple to medium-complex solutions which required forms, but it was lacking advanced data control and data processing features for anything more complex. When Microsoft ditched InfoPath in January 2014, nobody was surprised. InfoPath was one of the “legacy” technologies in SharePoint: it was fully server-side, difficult to maintain, and even more difficult to migrate. With all of its limitations, and likewise inability to develop server-side code for fast emerging SharePoint Online from Office 365, it was clear that a replacement was needed. Click below to find out more about the perfect InfoPath replacement.

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InfoPath Replacement

skybow Rich Forms can replace 100% of your InfoPath solutions

skybow Rich Forms provides a powerful editor enabling you to design dynamic SharePoint list forms with business logic as easily and flexibly as adding content to a publishing page or writing formulas in an Excel sheet. It fully replaces and even extends the InfoPath functionalities.

Adding richly formatted useful information on forms, grouping fields, changing the layout or positioning of the fields is no problem with skybow Rich Forms. Using the powerful expression language and custom actions to implement your business logic, anything is possible with SharePoint lists. This is all doable in your browser and without any programming. Download the free eBook below and see how it works.


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