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This SharePoint Designer offers the possibility to individualize and style the user interface of SharePoint according to your needs. You do not require programming experience and you can work comfortably in your browser. Open the skybow Theme Designer on the page you want to style and see a preview live on page – what you see is what you get. Just download this extensive SharePoint designer now. 

SharePoint custom UI

Key features:

  • Presence on every page in the ribbon to design a new theme or to edit an already existing style
  • Apply themes to single pages or to all pages in site
  • See the result live inside your current page – what you see is what you get
  • Use the integrated demo page to style all configurable parts in one place
  • Manage all your themes collected on the app homepage
  • Possibility to use and customize precast demo style templates
  • Easy handling of Theme Designer panel by resizing and positioning on current page
  • Find associated editors with the element selector by clicking the UI parts directly inside the page 

With skybow Theme Designer you get an awesome tool for designing your SharePoint sites. Create awsome SharePoint themes to deliver a nice user experience. 


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