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Ready-to-go, easy-to-use and integrated Business Apps build by skybow Solution Builders to show how SharePoint can help to vastly improve your efficiency in your organization.

Customer Stories

These are the projects accomplished by our worldwide partners. Here you will get an idea what you can do with the products of skybow!

SharePoint Challenges

Find out how our Office 365 Add-ins can help you to solve Challenges on SharePoint. Check out the Whitepapers and Add-ins!

Facility Management by C3C

C3C CAFM is an extensive Facility Managment tool that is able to Manage every process of plants and facilities. It is awesome to use and easy to customize.

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Contract Manager by VSB

With the VSB Contract Manager, VSB has created a comfortable and cost-effective solution for contract management on the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

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Contract Management by Blooz

Contract Management is a user-friendly Business App for managing several types of contracts. The focus is the contract lifecycle.

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Employee Management by Blooz

Employee Management is a user-friendly Business App to manage all employee information in one place. At the basis is an Employee Dossier.

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InfoPath replacement

Are you looking for an InfoPath replacement? skybow Rich Forms is arguably the only product on the market which can cover InfoPath features with SharePoint one to one.

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Coop: App Platform "prontobook"

Derived from a strategic program, Coop Mineraloel provides a solution to optimize systems and processes and simplify collaboration across departments.

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Expenses Process by Blooz

This is a user-friendly Business App for employees to generate an expense report. The expense request contains all receipts from the current month.

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ZAG: App Platform with QM

The advantage of being able to expand SharePoint as much as you can: the ZAG used to integrates the quality management system Q-ZAG.

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Mobile Phone Mgmt by Blooz

Mobile Phones is a user-friendly Business App for Device Managers or Human Resources to manage mobile phones assigned to employees.

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AnyShare: Rent Apps by Avectris

AnyShare is a web-based "digital workspace" that allows users to work together and share information and documents. You can choose from a large collection of Apps.

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City of St. Gallen: App Platform

More and more data is lost in the digital world. The city of St. Gallen also saw this problem, seeking a solution that would preserve the historical heritage for future generations.

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Employee Onboarding by Blooz

Employee Onboarding is a user-friendly Business App for Human Resources to manage the onboarding process of new employees.

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Idea Management by Deroso

Do you have a new idea for your company? No matter the subject and scope of your idea, Idea Management enables you to bring your idea to the next level.

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Lotus Notes Migration

Migrate your applications from Lotus Notes to SharePoint without losing any data. Check out the Whitepaper by Microsoft MVP Adis Jugo.

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Badge Management by Blooz

Badge Management is a user-friendly Business App for Human Resources and Facility Management to manage personal badges.

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Business Cards by Blooz

Business Cards is a user-friendly Business App for Human Resources to manage business card orders from employees.

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Theme Designer

Make SharePoint pretty

With the skybow Theme Designer you can add some style to your SharePoint. Easy and fast without programming and on the current page.
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Rich Forms

Better Forms with skybow

Easy add business logic to your forms. Make them smart and suitable for your business and easy to fill out for your team members. 
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