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How to migrate from InfoPath to skybow Rich Forms

Thanks everyone who has joined our Webinar about replacing InfoPath with skybow Rich Forms on 20.10.2016. skybow Rich Forms is arguably the only product on the market which can cover InfoPath features with SharePoint one to one. In addition to that, skybow Rich Forms are built on modern client-side technology, light weight and offer easy deployment and migration.


In case you missed the Webinar we attached the record down below. Furthermore there were a few questions which were handed in. You can find the questions and the corresponding answers below the video.

Again, thanks everyone for attending, and until the next Webinar!


Webinar Recording Video:



Nicklas from Sweden has asked what about connecting to external datasources?

skybow Rich Forms can be used for List Forms and Pages, and use SharePoint lists and libraries as the data source. External lists, which consume external data through BCS, can be used as the data source for skybow Rich Forms.


Marco from Switzerland has asked if it is possible to apply the rich form themes also for the skybow apps?

skybow Theme Designer, which is used for theming and designing skybow Rich Forms, can be used for designing all the other apps and site elements. Even more, it should be used on that way, to create styles which will be applied to multiple elements, pages or even sites.

Matthias Walter

Written by Matthias Walter

is the Head of Product Services at skybow. The services team represents the link between development, sales and technology. They have to incorporate the broadest skill set of all skybow employees. On this blog Matthias writes about product or industry news and will provide tutorials or technological deep dives.