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5 years skybow - what a journey

There are many possibilities to describe what happened during the past years.

We could look at the numbers and conclude that skybow started from Switzerland with just a hand full of customers and has now grown into an international operating enterprise with more than 300 customers in more than 30 countries and more than 70 partners.

skybow 5th anniversary

Another way would be to look at skybow from a technical perspective and you would see a development from a powerful but hard to handle on-premises solution to an easy to use platform (skybow Solution Studio) that incorporates all relevant SharePoint environments. skybow offers top shelf form designing for the classic and modern SharePoint UI as base and enriches it with features like our unique package & publish or background calculations. We can say that skybow has become one of the most mature SharePoint enhancements while always staying on top of what is new.

We achieved that by listening. Listening to our partners, to our customers, the market and of course also Microsoft. We said it often in our posts, videos and content and I gladly say it again, without you, our community, we would be nothing.

So, what is the best way to describe what happened the past five years? I would say an emotional and thankful way. We at skybow are thankful for everyone that we have met on our journey. We have made good friends, we had great intellectual exchanges that have inspired us, but first and foremost we had fun working with the best team imaginable. When I say team, I mean you. The fact that you are reading this makes you part of team skybow.

Cheers to you and to the next five years.


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Sebastian Schneider

Written by Sebastian Schneider

Sebastian ist Head of Marketing & Communications bei skybow. Er weiss alles über den Markt und wie skybow hineinpasst. Er sieht sich selbst als Neuling im SharePoint Universum und kann deswegen einfach aus der Perspektive des skybow solution accelerator Users berichten. Auf diesem Blog schreibt er über anstehende Events, Anstellungen, betriebliche Veränderungen & Erfolfe und gibt nützliche User Informationen und Feedback.