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Business Apps on Office 365 and Teams are the next big thing

Some years ago, the big Microsoft Office 365 boom started. You were able to see the rising of many intranet vendors that offered a great base in communication and collaboration for Office 365 customers. This is the logical first step, but what will happen next?

After migrating to the cloud and creating a collaboration foundation the market is starting to stagnate. We have seen this happening before with the introduction of SharePoint on-premises several years ago. Our answer to this phenomenon has not changed and it is called creating added value with Business Applications and Processes for Office 365, SharePoint and Teams.


Even though our general direction has not changed the game has changed massively. With O365 skybow can offer Business Apps that can be deployed with just one click. Hours and hours of customized development and consulting have transformed into a one click shopping cart mentality.



Small everyday processes or forms are now accessible without any extra work and just need to be distributed on as many channels as possible. Therefore, we want to talk to CSPs and consultants willingly to adapt to these market changes. We and our partner network can deliver all technological aspects, all there is to do is sell the packages. If this is not your style and you want to deliver something individual for your customers. No problem: With the skybow development platform even non developers can build business apps in a friction of the time.

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Sebastian Schneider

Written by Sebastian Schneider

Sebastian ist Head of Marketing & Communications bei skybow. Er weiss alles über den Markt und wie skybow hineinpasst. Er sieht sich selbst als Neuling im SharePoint Universum und kann deswegen einfach aus der Perspektive des skybow solution accelerator Users berichten. Auf diesem Blog schreibt er über anstehende Events, Anstellungen, betriebliche Veränderungen & Erfolfe und gibt nützliche User Informationen und Feedback.