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Advent Calendar Door 16: Cross-site lookup columns in SharePoint Online

Cross-site lookup columns in SharePoint Online

In today’s skybow Advent Calendar cookie, we are solving one of the most required features in SharePoint: Cross-site lookup columns in SharePoint Online! The use scenarios of cross-site lookup fields are various – from connecting data sources spread across different site, to structuring your business process in multiple subsites. All those use cases are valid, and – not supported by SharePoint out-of-the-box features.

Still, this is very easy to achieve with skybow Solution Studio.

You need to switch to the “Things in background” section of the list where you want to add a cross-site lookup field, and to click the “Add cross-site lookup” link on the bottom of the screen.

Things in the Background skybow Solution Studio

In cross-site lookup creation dialog, you will have to enter the column name and description, path to the site where target list is stored (it needs to be inside the same site collection!), and then select a list and a column from that list. And that is that.

cross site lookup.png

After clicking on the „Create“ button, the new field will appear in the fields list just as any other field, where you can set its properties, and even perform background calculations.

change column

When you run a new or edit form with that field, it will behave just as any other lookup field in your list.

lookup field in list.png

And there it is, in less than 30 seconds, we have created a fully functional cross site lookup, by using skybow Solution Studio.


Adis Jugo

Written by Adis Jugo

is Director of Product Technology at skybow, and a software architect with over 20 years of experience. Adis is double Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Office Development and for Office Servers and Services. He first met SharePoint (and Microsoft CMS server) back in 2002, and since 2006 his focus was completely shifted towards architecture and development of productivity solutions, now based on the Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint technologies. Adis is an internationally recognized speaker with over 15 years of speaker experience, speaking at various Microsoft, Community and SharePoint/Office 365/Azure conferences worldwide.