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Advent Calendar Door 8: Dynamic and user-specific forms in SharePoint.


Posted by Adis Jugo - 08 Dezember, 2017

Dynamic and user-specific forms in SharePoint

Creating a user-specific, content-specific or situation-specific SharePoint form has always been a struggle. Both skybow Solution Studio and skybow Rich Forms make this task super easy to achieve by setting visible and/or enabled properties on the container controls.

Simply select any control, or control container, and set the condition when it can be visible. In our example here, we want to set the “Sensitive data” tab, and all the controls inside it, visible only to the users who are members of the “Top Management” group. 

behavior field ins skybow solution studio.png

To achieve that, we will open the “Visible” behavior of any element on the form, either a single control, or container control which contains multiple controls, and use the function “IsMemberOfTheUserGroup” to check the group membership.

Expression Buillder - Visibility condition.png 

In this example, we have made the tab “Sensitive data” visible only to the members of the specified SharePoint group.

Of course, you can use any other condition. For example, the following condition will show the tab only if the field “Total Amount” has the value larger than 10:

[[totalamount]] > 10

We can also use user profiles, and combine the conditions. For example, the following expression will make the tab visible only if the field Total Amount is larger than 10, and the “Office” property of current user’s profile is Germany:

[[totalamount]] > 10 && [[@User.Profile.Office]]==="Germany"

As you see, this way you can make dynamic forms in SharePoint in no time, and without deep development knowledge. Because skybow.


Topics: Office 365, Sharepoint, SharePoint Online, SharePoint Forms

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