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Farewell Ardevia, welcome skybow Rich Forms

The long term users of Ardevia Rich Forms might have noticed that this popular SharePoint AddIn is not anymore available in the Microsoft Office Store. This is a part of our consolidation efforts, and bringing all our products under the green skybow flag. 

For the past few weeks, skybow Rich Forms and Ardevia Rich Forms existed parallelly in the Office Store, with two different prices, and that was confusing our partners and customers. This had a lot to do with Microsft’s Office Store policies, and we could not do much there. Now, only skybow Rich Forms are in the store, and ready to use.


For the existing partners and customers, probably the following questions will arise:

Q: We have bought the license for Ardevia Rich Forms, what happens to us now?

A: Nothing really. Ardevia Rich Forms will continue working, but you might want to contact us to renew your license under the name “skybow Rich Forms”.

Q: I have already customized my SharePoint with Ardevia, will my forms be lost after I switch to skybow Rich Forms?

A: No, all your customizations will remain intact. There will be no issues for you, or your customers. For further updates, we advise to migrate to skybow Rich Forms. Please contact support@skybow.com if you need assistance.

Q: Is the development of rich forms stopped?

A: No, exactly the opposite is truth. skybow Rich Forms will be in the core of our future offerings – stay tuned, we have big news to announce this autumn!

Q: I have no idea what Ardevia or skybow Rich Forms are, but it sounds interesting.

A: Then it is a great moment to try it. Go to our downloads section, grab the skybow Rich Forms with a 30-days trial and create some great looking forms and business applications on SharePoint Online, SP 2013, SP 2016 and SP 2019. You might want to watch this video, to get a quick start from our Adis Jugo and Matt Walter on skybow Rich Forms.


Step-by-step migration guide

1. Download and install skybow Rich Forms from here:

2. Fill out the license request form available on the Rich Forms app homepage after successful installation.

3. At the end uninstall the Ardevia Rich Forms App

If you have problems with the licensing, you can always check manually in a hidden library called FormsStoreLibrary if there is the correct license file uploaded. Details can be found here: http://www.skybow.com/docs/o365/webframe.html#LicensingRF.html

If you're facing any issues or difficulties installing the skybow Rich Forms, please contact our support team at support@skybow.com.


Written by Matthias

is the Head of Product Services at skybow. The services team represents the link between development, sales and technology. They have to incorporate the broadest skill set of all skybow employees. On this blog Matthias writes about product or industry news and will provide tutorials or technological deep dives.