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The New Strategy Alliance: Solutions2Share and skybow working closely together

We proudly announce our new Strategy Alliance with the German company Solutions2Share. This will open strategic discussions on every level. 

Everyone who had a glimpse on our home market (the SharePoint and Office 365 market) has realized something quite unique. Many different small satellite companies are living next to each other in complete harmony fixing or improving completely different aspects of Modern Workplace Collaboration.

skybow has realized that there is an underlying chance for everyone quite early since founding the company. We started forming technology and strategic partnerships with companies like AvePoint, Rencore, Dox42, BindTuning and many more. All these partnerships broadened our scope, improved our product development or helped us position ourselves in the market. We are thankful that so many people share the same philosophy and make collaboration fun and effective.

Our greatest success until now is the Technology Alliance with our British friends from Lightning Tools. We appeared together on conferences and talked about how to sharpen our own and common Marketing and Sales strategy. In addition to that we even added products of each other into our portfolio making it a new and rounder offer for both of us. This Alliance has generated notable success for both companies and is to this day an important strategical element of skybow.

Looking at these wins it is only logical to keep on heading in that direction. It is now time to move further with one of our closest friends and colleagues.

Therefore, we proudly announce our new Strategy Alliance with the German company Solutions2Share. This will open strategic discussions on every level. Where do we see the market going and can we adapt to it? Are we using the best ways to develop our software? Are we leading in the right way? Is there an opportunity in increasing the Sales output by sharing activities?

Those are central questions we are going to answer during the upcoming month. What we know already is that we will have great fun exploring new ways of collaboration and that we will find customs of improving both businesses.

I would like to use the last paragraph of this article to thank not only Solutions2Share but all our partners for great teamwork and fruitful relationships. skybow is founded on the premise of a functioning network and continues to live because of all your ideas, challenges, friendships and collaborative vision.

Thank you and all the best,

CCO, skybow AG

Sebastian Schneider

Written by Sebastian Schneider

Sebastian ist Head of Marketing & Communications bei skybow. Er weiss alles über den Markt und wie skybow hineinpasst. Er sieht sich selbst als Neuling im SharePoint Universum und kann deswegen einfach aus der Perspektive des skybow solution accelerator Users berichten. Auf diesem Blog schreibt er über anstehende Events, Anstellungen, betriebliche Veränderungen & Erfolfe und gibt nützliche User Informationen und Feedback.