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Build, package & publish a business solution on SharePoint Online - skybow Webinar

How skybow Solution Studio can simplify your ALM Process

Every software solution goes through well-known, long-established lifecycle stages. Of course, this is also the case with the business solutions built on top of SharePoint. Each solution must be deployable on multiple environments. It must be possible to apply updates caused by requirement changes easily to one or more environments. On the end, it should be possible to retract the solution from the environment 
without leaving proprietary stuff behind. 

In SharePoint, there is an additional level of complexity: SharePoint data structures, i.e. lists and libraries, are usually created through the SharePoint user interface, which is a valid way to do so. However, creating data structures through the user interface and developing customizations separately introduces various issues to the ALM cycle (i.e. development, testing, staging, production), especially in the deployment and update process. 

skybow Solution Studio Online adds unique and yet standardized capabilities to this process. SharePoint data structures, solutions and customizations are easy to package and deploy to any target site, regardless if they are in the same or different environment. Solution versioning and updating process is standardized, and different deployments are easily managed and tracked through solution dashboards. 


In case you missed the Webinar we attached the recording down below. Furthermore you can find the questions and the corresponding answers below the video.

Again, thanks everyone for attending, and until the next Webinar!


Webinar Recording Video:


Q&A Section 


Is it possible to configure and use webservice calls?

Yes, this is possible using the skybow Actions. There we provide an action type "HTTP Request". The following figure is an example of how to kick off an Microsoft Flow. We can pass any data from SharePoint using our Expression Language like shown in the data section "Title": "[[Title]]" where [[Title]] is a placeholder using the internal fieldname. This makes it very powerful!



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