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skybow Solution Studio - Anyone can build business apps on SharePoint

Modern business apps for SharePoint Online have to be client-side, quickly adapted to business changes, hybrid-enabled, able to fully interact with SharePoint data and information but to be managed centrally.

skybow Solution Studio is a web-based, easy to use and powerful environment for the development of modern business apps for SharePoint Online (Office 365). It is a complete, fully-featured authoring environment, which enables users to create client-side solutions which can consume and operate SharePoint data and context information.

In this webinar Adis and me give you an inside of the Solution Studio and show you how easy it is to build business apps and create business logic on SharePoint - online and without programming.

Webinar Recording Video:


Questions & answers


Jesus from Spain was asking if it is possible to copy a business app from one site to another?

This will be one of the next features we are currently working on to package and publish an app. With this functionality you are even able to update an existing app with additional functionality in the future.


Jesus from Spain was also asking if the Solution Studio is working with new SharePoint Framework SPFx or if there is a roadmap for things like this?

Currently we do not support the new SharePoint Framework and modern pages, therefore Solution Studio will switch to the classic view automatically. We are aware of this topic and will definitely support it as soon as it is technically possible.

You can find our Roadmap of Solution Studio in the skybow community:


Another question from Jesus was, if it is possible to create a lookup to a list which is located in another site collection or to work with external list?

Currently there is no support for cross site collection lookups and external lists (at least not to modify their forms). But this would be a good idea to post and vote for in the skybow community:



Marcel from Germany was asking, how we can guarantee the same permission of the dossier to the connected list items?

Permissions are not yet configurable, but we are working on a simple way to make them automatically applied based on a rule set. 


Florian from Germany was asking, what are payment possibilities?

Simply pay the finished app using your credit card (MasterCard/Visa) whether monthly or yearly and therefore make it accessible to others.


Önder from Switzerland was wondering about the performance of the skybow List View Search in a list with thousands of entries.

If the indexing is configured correctly, it is performing really good on large lists. Please follow the guidlines from Microsoft:



Written by Matthias

is the Head of Product Services at skybow. The services team represents the link between development, sales and technology. They have to incorporate the broadest skill set of all skybow employees. On this blog Matthias writes about product or industry news and will provide tutorials or technological deep dives.