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Sebastian Schneider

Sebastian Schneider

Who has not heard about Microsoft Teams? Teams is everywhere and everyone is talking about it. As the Microsoft product with the highest acceptance rate this is very understandable.

We as skybow see Microsoft Teams as a great tool for communication and collaboration. We even use it ourselves in meetings, to have open discussion, to share documents and for many other reasons. MS Teams makes our lives easier on many levels.

Of course, we would not be skybow if we would not find some room for enhancements even in a great tool like MS Teams. Luckily these enhancements are part of our core everyday work and can be solved quite easily.

With MS Teams out-of-the-box it is hardly possible to depict complex business logic like processes our forms.

To solve this, we made it possible to deploy skybow solutions right into Teams. This means that you can have business applications like a leave request or an expense app right inside your Teams interface.

You are late on your expenses and your boss is reminding you in a chat to do them today. No problem you do not even have to change the tool. It is right there where you do the rest of your work as well.

We believe that this is a great addition for Microsoft Teams as well as skybow and this will benefit every Teams user out there.

Sebastian Schneider
CEO, skybow

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