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Dossier Management

Dossier Management is an interaction module between skybow apps. The dossier is, in a sense, an electronic filing folder which brings something new to SharePoint other than intranet and collaboration, namely structural data storage. Thanks to the generic approach, virtually any business transaction can be illustrated effectively and cost-efficiently. Dossiers in SharePoint make data management intelligent and complement expensive specialised or business applications with the necessary documents. Performance and transparency are given quite a boost when compared to the standard functionalities of SharePoint.



A dossier type can define any business data entity and consists of:

The UI of the dossier type allows managing all the dossiers contents and appropriate actions and work-flows. The central view is the display form of the main (metadata) list:



Tabs (if Tabbed Pages App is installed) allow directly viewing the sub items like Documents, Tasks and other related lists or dossiers.

The action links (if Action Links App is installed) provide useful actions specific for the dossier type.

Logic implemented client-side on the form automatically ensure correct views (i.e. setting root folder for document libraries) and setting the parent lookups when related items are added.

Remote event receivers on the Dossier Management’s app site ensure that creation and updates to dossier items correctly create folders, move items to folders and set parent lookups.


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