skybow SharePoint Apps
User Interface


To open the Theme Designer, click on 'Shown Designer' option on the Theme Designer ribbon

It appears pinned to the left by default. To change the view mode, use following options:

 /  - Hide / Show Content;

 /  - Unpin / Pin Designer; 

 /  - Pin to the right / left;

 - Close Designer.


In this area a user can select available theme for editing / applying or create new one by selecting <Create new theme> option from the 'Theme' drop-down list.

When a theme is selected, it appears on the preview at once.

If selected theme is applied to the current page, the Check icon is shown beside the Themes drop-down list:


If selected theme is applied to the Master page, the Star icon is shown beside the Themes drop-down list:

 To the right of the 'Theme' drop-down list is the Element Selection button. When pressed, it goes into Inspect Element mode.

Switcher is next to the Element Selection option and allows to toggle between Designer and Editor mode.

This area is dynamically buit with the controls on the specific page and allows to view structured information about apps configurations.

Reset button canceled all unsaved configurations.

For saving three possibilities are available:

save a new theme

save an existing theme

save as new theme


For applying a theme to the current page, select appropriate checkbox. Page will be reloaded after saving.


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