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SharePoint Add-Ins

skybow SharePoint Add-Ins offer you powerful functionalities to improve your SharePoint. Use them as single applications and download them directly from here.

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These Add-Ins can be installed either on SharePoint Online or on SharePoint Server 2013/2016.
For this puropose, you need to have the App Infrastructure configured.

Let us know if you need help with the installation or configuration. Our service team is ready to help you!

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Rich Forms

skybow Rich Forms is an App for SharePoint that provides an easy-to-use, yet powerful editor to customize list forms. Building forms in SharePoint and Office 365 that look great and fulfill all your requirements of your forms has never been easier!

Key features:

  • Deploy easily
  • Place form fields freely
  • Group vertically, horizontally or in tabs
  • Rich text editing
  • Edit sub items in a grid
  • Handle complex business logic

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Theme Designer

skybow Theme Designer offers the possibility to individualize and style the user interface of SharePoint according to your needs. You do not require programming experience and you can work comfortably in your browser. Open the skybow Theme Designer on the page you want to style and see a preview live on page – what you see is what you get.

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Action Links

skybow Action Links enable you to easily implement even the most complex business logic into SharePoint and Office365 with powerful actions.

Action Links can be placed on any form or page to display fully configurable links.

All these action links are completely configurable without programming:

  • Add List Item – to create a new item in any SharePoint list
  • Update List Item – to modify field values on an existing SharePoint list item
  • Delete List Item – to delete an item in any SharePoint list
  • Upload Document – to upload a document to a SharePoint document library
  • Open List Form – to open a new form or display or edit an existing form of a SharePoint list
  • Open Web Page – to open a web page in a separate browser window or modal dialog

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List View Search

skybow List View Search allows users to easily find information in lists. Add skybow List View Search above any list view to provide useful search inputs. You can easily configure the underlying query, the columns to search in and the comparison to use.

Key features:

  • Applicable for list views on any page, view or form
  • Accessible drop-down of actual list columns to quickly add new filters
  • Drag & drop functionality for reordering search inputs
  • An easy query builder to configure more complex queries

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Tabbed Pages

skybow Tabbed Pages allows you to structure your forms or views into tabs. This makes SharePoint much easier to handle for the end-user.
Tabbed Pages can be placed on any form (Display, Edit, New) and can even be added to a view or a page.
Key features:

  • Add, delete and rename tabs
  • Add, delete and rename sub-tabs
  • Use drag & drop functionality to reorder tabs
  • Apply further settings such as changing the aspx page

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