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Server Platform Pricing

skybow Solution Accelerators for SharePoint Server are categorized into 5 modules and one complete bundle. Contact us for a quote!

Pay per Module per User ...

skybow Solution Accelerators for SharePoint Server are categorized into 5 modules and 2 packages: The modules "Data Structuring" and "Business Logic" are in a package called "Business Solution Starter". You can also have a package with all 5 modules. Find out more about skybow pricing.

Everything is licensed per user, whether on a monthly/yearly subscription (rent) or simply perpetual (buy). When you license a module, you can build an unlimited amount of Solutions for the licensed users. Find out more on SharePoint pricing.

Data Structuring Module

Data Structuring

skybow structures data in SharePoint and introduces a new discipline to the platform, among others with so-called dossiers or case management and the app concept.

Business Logic Module

Business Logic

Actions and Expressions are the fundamentals to building Business Logic. With dynamic forms, such as an entry point, Stateflows are used to build processes and send dossiers accordingly.

Usability Optimizer Module

Usability Optimizer

A business solution should be «as easy as a smartphone». As one of the Accelerators, the skybow user interface significantly increases user experience and productivity.

Data Lifecycle Module

Data Lifecycle

These Accelerators support data and document lifecycle requirements, from the creation of a dossier or document to the compliant archiving for mid- or even long-term storage.

Missing SP Stuff Module

Missing SP Stuff

SharePoint is a great platform, but some things are missing. skybow provides much of what you've certainly been missing. It allows you to refine your SharePoint platform.

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