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Create and Develop Business Solutions with Solution Studio

A fully new approach on developing business solutions on top of SharePoint!

Build Business Solutions fast and easy ...

SharePoint is a platform: Business solutions are one of the major use cases for SharePoint. Regardless if it is a simple approval procedure, or complex business processes that require complex workflows, SharePoint is often – rightfully – platform of choice for those scenarios. Developing solutions on top of SharePoint has, on the other hand, always been a somewhat complex task, and SharePoint development has become a niche for itself.

skybow Solution Studio takes a fully new approach on developing business solutions on top of SharePoint. By taking complex, and repetitive coding task from the solution development, skybow Solution Studio offers the solution creators the possibility to concentrate on the process, and on such a way, build the business solution on top of SharePoint 85% faster than with conventional methods.

Main purpose ...


Dossier is, on one side, a data model, and on another side its purpose is to give to users a unified and structured view on that data. Dossiers are the baseline for:

  • Data relations
  • Visual master-detail data representation
  • Bottom-up aggregations
  • Top-down metadata inheritance
  • Master-detail style reporting

User Interface

A good-looking and effective user interface is probably the most important aspect of each business solution. It helps users to work easier, increasing the adoption in that way. skybow Solution Studio enables you to:

  • Multi-column, tabs, tables or accordion layouts
  • Master-detail forms using repeating tables
  • Dynamic, user-specific form layouts
  • Dynamic calculation on any field
  • Cascading lookups


The main goal of each business solution is data processing, either through user-triggered or automtically started background processes. With Solution Studio, you can create:

  • Approval-style and similar processes
  • Bottom-up aggregations and metadata inheritance
  • Any type of background calculations
  • Send emails and show notifications
  • User-started processes
  • Scheduled and automated processes

Reporting and BI

Each business solution must produce an outcome of a type, whether it is reports (created documents) or dashboards (in-browser reporting). skybow Solution Studio enables you to:

  • Create reports in Microsoft Word format
  • Use Microsoft Word to design reports
  • Create Visual KPI indicators on lists and libraries
  • Graphically visualize any process stage
  • Integrate various dashboards and charts