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C3C stands for 20 years of experience in software development, focusing on CAFM systems and process-oriented, barcode-controlled asset management systems.

A combination of the latest technology, programming and project experience, and broad knowledge of this particular branch of industry helps you achieve your operational goals in Facility Management. In doing so, C3C strives to achieve the highest quality with minimal effort.

C3C offers a new approach to easily and transparently support the areas of Facility Management with user-friendly surfaces and workflows. The solution is not the focus, but the concrete needs and goals of the management, the operational staff and, above all, the existing data (content). This allows you to achieve projects with very short project runs.

This approach is enabled by the cloud-based solution, which can be tailored to your surfaces and processes. The core CAFM objects or attributes (such as properties, buildings, rooms, systems, equipment, meters, etc.) as well as processes, can be individually expanded to include the desired properties. Regardless whether you want to access and use your data on a PC, tablet or smartphone, user-created interfaces and content can be visualized and edited directly on all devices.

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