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Deroso Solutions GmbH, a German company of the FGND Group, specializes in solution development and strategic IT consulting. Especially in the MS SharePoint environment, their employees are among the leading experts in Europe. They support their customers in the design of efficient business processes using customized IT solutions, based on SharePoint, Azure and Office365.

Deroso provides the highest level of entrepreneurial flexibility by supplying adaptive software solutions. For example, they visualize business processes across the entire value chain, using automate and BPM software solutions, or ensure a smooth-running web presence for all end devices using a responsive web design. In this way, Deroso supports their customers with information management across new phases of development and prepares them for future changes in IT and the market.

Solutions by this Creator ...

This valuable Solution Creator implemented the following Business Solutions so far:

deroso Idea management solution

Idea managementimplemented by:deroso

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