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Great Solutions

At this place you can find various Business Solutions which our Solution Creators built in the last weeks. Happy browsing and check out what you can do with skybow!

Business Apps

Ready-to-go, easy-to-use and integrated Business Apps build by skybow Solution Creators.

Customer Stories

These are the projects accomplished by our worldwide partners. Here you will get an idea what you can do with the products of skybow!

SharePoint Challenges

Find out how our Office 365 Add-ins can help you to solve Challenges on SharePoint. Check out the Whitepapers and try our Add-ins!

Other Solutions people built ...

  • Projekte nach Hermes
  • Mobile Phone Management
  • Software Management
  • Checklisten-App
  • Integrationsprojekte
  • Tarifabklärung Deutschkurse
  • Sitzungs-App
  • Themenspeicher-App

  • Pendenzenverwaltungs-App
  • Change Management
  • Projekträume
  • Fachräume
  • Benutzerverwaltung
  • Aufgabenmanagement
  • Schlichtungsstelle
  • Adressverwaltung
  • Bilderarchiv
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Badge Management
  • Patchmanagement
  • Budget App
  • Teamräume
  • eDossier (Generisches Dossier mit Archivierung)
  • Gremien-Räume
  • Quality Management
  • Verträge
  • CRM (Accounts, Lokationen, Kontakte, Tätigkeiten, Verkaufschancen)
  • Spesen
  • Investitionsanträge