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Site Provisioning by Advantive

About the Solution ...

A very well-known topic for the IT department is: “How can a user work simpler and faster using SharePoint and/or the Office 365 platform without compromising control and security?” This is exactly what the Site Provisioning Application from Advantive can do for your organization.

Most companies have limited the rights of a SharePoint user to create new sites as it causes a complete mess and lacks any type of uniformity. Hence, many users must come to the IT department asking them to create a new site(s) to satisfy their current business need. This is causing the IT department to set up new sites, maintain them and clean up the unused sites. In the end, this is a very unproductive and cumbersome process for both IT and the users.

The Site Provisioning Application by Advantive empowers the user to create SharePoint (sub-)sites on their own based on assigned permissions.

It also allows them to make updates. SharePoint Site Provisioning provides an automated process that takes away the burden on this topic for both IT and the user. For IT it ensures the right level of control over the SharePoint Workflow environment, as it works completely based on well-defined standards for SharePoint sites. This approach perfectly guarantees the uniformity of the sites. For the user, it is an easy way to quickly create new sites based on their business requirements without going to the IT department. The Application offers advanced SharePoint workflow to request, approve and provision new sites and subsites on SharePoint (Online). Advantive can tailor the Site Provisioning Application to perfectly fit the needs of your organization.

In summary, the following benefits can be experienced from using the Site Provisioning Application from Advantive:

  • Optimal control over the SharePoint (Online) or Office 365 environment
  • Unified process to request, approve and provision SharePoint sites
  • Security and compliance are under control
  • Very user-friendly and simple to use • Provides a good overview of all the sites per user 

About the Solution Creator ...

Advantive is a Microsoft specialist and has been developing customer-specific, innovative business solutions for more than 10 years. The goal of Advantive is to enable customers to communicate easily and share information at anytime and anywhere, thereby enabling customers to work more efficiently. Advantive specializes in realizing hybrid IT-environments and combining the best of both worlds: cloud and on-premises.

A team of driven and certified employees assists customers in The Netherlands and Belgium with smartly using technology every day. Advantive ensures that you can move your organization ahead through the use of their IT business solutions, both now and in the future. 


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