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Idea Management by Deroso

About the Solution ...

By creating an idea, an automated control and approval process can be initiated. The creator can initialize both an audit within the department and a company-wide assessment of the idea as a process path. Triggering these processes is optional, since the creation of an element (idea) does not specifically require triggering a process. Therefore, ideas for Idea Management can also be collected in advance or processed over a longer period of time.

Depending on role, processes can be triggered or pursued by appropriate employees. Depending on the progress of the process, corresponding buttons are displayed. Naturally, the display of buttons is subject to a role and authorization system.

Additionally, color differentiations facilitate the recognition of the process progress.

Idea Management deroso with skybow

About the Solution Creator ...

deroso solution GmbH
Deroso Solutions GmbH, a German company of the FGND Group, specializes in solution SharePoint development and strategic IT consulting. Its employees are among the leading experts in Europe, especially in the MS SharePoint environment. Deroso supports their customers in the design of efficient business processes using customized IT solutions based on SharePoint, Azure, and Office365.
Deroso collaborates with renowned partners to develop tailor-made, scalable and forward-thinking business app to enable you to master any IT challenge in the long runFurthermore, Deroso provides the highest level of entrepreneurial flexibility by supplying adaptive software solutions.

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