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Timesheet Management with Timebuzzer by PointPro

About the Solution ...

Quick and easy time tracking for employees, for real-time project or professional services with fun factor.

This PointPro Employee timesheet management is suitable for typical professional service processes e.g. projects.


Key Features

  • Manage timesheets for professional services
  • Define work types and prices
  • Define customers
  • Define projects and subprojects
  • Automatic timesheet invoice calculation
  • Timesheet approval process
  • Generate a work report to a Word document
  • Optional: Timetracking with Desktop App and Buzzer

About the Solution Creator ...

PointPro Solutions
  • Your Intranet is more of an enemy than a friend to you? The work simplification and efficiency increase that you wished for is not there?
  • You want to maintain your company's IT infrastrucure yourself, but are stretched to your limits? 
  • Previous solutions have never really been tailored to your exact needs? 
  • You want a reliable partner who understands you and your company to advise you on technical matters?


My name is Jan Boltz, founder of PointPro Solutions, and I offer IT-solutions on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint to companies from various sizes and industries. Are you also looking for new ways to simplify and improve the collaboration in your company? I can help.


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