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Contract Manager by VSB

About the Solution ...

The management of supplier contracts costs considerable time and always carries risks. By missing periods of notice, especially if the administration of the contracts is not system-based, but done manually with file folders and Excel tables, the overview is quickly lost.

In addition, manual contract management is passive. A file on the fileserver or an entry in an Excel spreadsheet does not register itself with the contract manager and does not point to upcoming deadlines or tasks. Microsoft SharePoint is a document-oriented collaboration platform that is ideal for active contract management because many of the necessary features and requirements are already included in the standard.

With the VSB Contract Manager, VSB has created a comfortable and cost-effective solution for contract management on the Microsoft SharePoint platform based on skybow Solution Accelerators.

The main features

  • Active contract management on the Microsoft SharePoint platform (from SharePoint 2013 Standard Edition)

  • Management of complete contract files

  • History and activity record per contract act

  • Modern and intuitive user interface

  • Personal dashboard with upcoming tasks and deadlines

  • Flexible customization through configuration

  • Flexible control of authorizations (contract type, contract type, individual contract)

  • Active deadline monitoring for contracting, notice of termination and free manual deadlines

  • Representative configuration (tasks, notifications, authorizations)

  • Extensive graphical evaluations



About the Solution Creator ...


VSB is an owner-managed IT company that reacts flexibly and quickly to changes in the IT market. As a specialist for smart and innovative IT solutions, VSB has been successful since 1988 with solutions for CRM, Business Analytics, Cloud Collaboration and Quality Management nationwide.

With the IT infrastructure solutions VSB preferentially addresses the regional market.

They already support their customers during the preparatory phase with actual analysis and load analysis, as well as from implementation through real operation to permanent support. VSB cooperates with well-known manufacturers of the IT industry (for example, IBM, Lenovo and Microsoft) and combines technology with its own know-how to deliver powerful solutions.

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