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Infopath Replacement with skybow Rich Forms

About the Solution ...


What was your Challenge?

We recently undertook a project to digitally streamline our company’s processes.  Previously everything was done using paper-based forms or updating Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, which were stored in an unstructured fashion.  This meant that updating and accessing important company information was inefficient and time-consuming.

As part of the project we decided to start using SharePoint lists to store and update information and initially we used Microsoft InfoPath to create custom forms for these lists.  However, it quickly became apparent that there were many limitations with InfoPath and it didn’t offer the full functionality that we needed.

How could you solve it?

We started looking for a new form-building solution and Skybow looked like it could offer what we were looking for.  We had a 30-day trial and created some demo forms, which offered much more functionality than we could provide with InfoPath.  We were also very impressed with the Skybow community forums where any queries we had were promptly answered by Skybow employees or other users.

Since ordering the full version we have created a number of new solutions as well as replacing some of our older InfoPath forms.  We now use Skybow Rich Forms for all new SharePoint forms and find it a powerful, easy-to-use tool.

How do you like Rich Forms?

So far we have used Skybow Rich Forms to create a number of solutions for managing corporate data such as auditing, governmental regulation and risk management.  This will be an ongoing project and we feel that Skybow Rich Forms will enable us to offer user-friendly and function-rich forms now and for the foreseeable future.

The staff at Skybow are always very friendly and respond to any queries very quickly.  We are constantly finding new ways of solving problems using the Rich Forms solution and it seems that we have only started to scratch the surface of what it can do for us.

Gareth Jayne - Digital Service Designer

About the Solution Creator ...

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We are a housing association based in South Wales that also runs three nursing homes.  We have around 600 employees who are based at a number of different locations and work different shift patterns.

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