Digital File for Asset Management

How Mica Ventures digitised their asset management in 3 days, saving time every day.

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MICA Ventures' digital file needed to be user-friendly, secure and inclusive. With intuitive navigation and a clear presentation of data, users save time and effort. Automated management tools, secure data storage and integration with Microsoft Teams are also important for efficient management.


The assets of MICA Ventures have grown steadily. But the technological management was not adapted to the resulting challenges. The company tried to bring order to the chaos with MS Excel. However, this method was very error-prone, collaboration was only possible to a limited extent and no automation functionalities were available.

How we solved it

Together with the managing director of MICA Ventures, one of the skybow professionals discussed the requirements for the solution and planned the implementation. During this planning phase, the main challenge was to create an understanding of the numerous possibilities of a low-code platform. With the help of meaningful skybow examples, however, even non-IT-savvy stakeholders were given an excellent overview, so that requirements for the individual solution could be worked out together quickly.

Subsequently, skybow was able to build a first proof of concept within only one day. This was perfected in close exchange with MICA Ventures after only two more days of implementation. After that, the solution could be used directly in production.

Oliver Zehnich
Oliver Zehnich
CEO, MICA Ventures

With the digital file, I finally have a simple and secure way to manage our assets. I especially appreciate the user-friendly interface and the integrated management tools. I recommend skybow to anyone who has individual requirements that a generic solution simply cannot serve.

The Solution

The solution focused primarily on ease of use and the centralisation of all information on the various assets. Documents, contracts and e-mails can be stored in the digital file with comments.  ‍

Simple report displays of payment flows in the assets provide the necessary overview, and tasks with automated reminder functionality help to manage the assets in a guided manner - and all this without leaving the familiar environment. ‍

The Digital File is smart, promotes collaboration and was created in just three days. Today, it is the central tool for asset management within MICA Ventures.

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