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We help our partners build custom workflows incredibly fast and simple – so you get that WOW from your clients and close your deals.
Matthias Walter chief product officer from skybow at the skybow partner day
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What we offer our skybow partners

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Get up to speed

Get help from our tech and sales team: Through our onboarding you will build your first project within the first days and learn how to sell it.

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Sell products and scale

We help you build products, you can sell on scale. With templates and powerful provisioning you have all the tools at hand.

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Get support

We offer everything you can wish for: Regular partner calls, a community, tech expert help and a partner sphere with all files at hand.

A Partnership that drives results

How we helped our partners to get
faster builds, deals and growth

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OPIUM systems
skybow partner and project of the year 2023

For us, the advantage of skybow lies in the speed with which we can build custom solutions for our customers.

Thanks to the skybow Solution Studio, we can build initial proof of concepts for our customers in just a few hours.

The final implementation also takes just a few days instead of months. As a result, we can now realise significantly more projects in the same amount of time.

Matus Izakovic, CEO OPIUM systems.
Matus Izakovic
CEO, OPIUM systems
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skybow partner

The special thing about skybow is that we have a very simple entry point:

We can quickly show customers prototyping solutions, which we can later refine. So we reach the WOW moment in no time.

When customers see initial results so quickly, it makes selling much easier.

Marc Pinkus, Head of MS Collaboration, Gabo.
Marc Pinkus
Head of MS Collaboration, GABO
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skybow partner of the year 2023

We needed a partner that not only understood the unique challenges of the construction business but could also provide a flexible, digital solution.

By closely collaborating on the technical front, skybow helped us building our construction management software.

We value skybow's seamless integration into M365 and great provisioning features the most. Through these features we could successfully sell our software to more than 100 clients and the growth is not stopping.

Udo Schwenker, ceo teamsware.
Udo Schwenker
CEO, Teamsware
pemundo Logo
skybow partner

skybow provides the perfect basis for building digital solutions that can be sold on to numerous customers.

We've only found this combination of functions at skybow. Features are super quick and easy to build. Provisioning or updates to the built solution also work reliably.

In addition, our solution can be customized for customers with minimal effort. That creates a great USP for our SharePoint based HR solution.

Christina Mokoru, founder pemundo
Christina Mokoru
CEO, pemundo
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skybow partner

For us, skybow is the perfect partner to give our customers value in digital processes and working with forms.

The direct cooperation with skybow is uncomplicated and transparent. As a result, the team receives practical feedback from the market, which flows into the further development of their low-code platform.

We're convinced that this will lead to many great success stories for both sides.

Andreas Fank, Head of Operations at Solvion
Andreas Frank
Head of Operational Services & Service Manager, Solvion
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Swiss Quality

Why our partners
love us

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Secure and stable

leverage the robust security features and proven reliability of SharePoint, ensuring that sensitive data is protected and processes run smoothly

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Support you can rely on

responsive and knowledgeable tech support to quickly resolve any issues and ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience

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Sales and Marketing Support

We don't stop with only offering a platform for your solutions. We offer marketing and sales expertise, where we are 100 % success oriented.

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Fully Integrated

The familiar interface and excellent connectivity gets your developers up to speed in no time.

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Own Toolset

Our  swiss made platform has been robustly built and offers everything you need to build high-quality forms and processes.

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Tailored to your needs

If you come across something you need, don't hesitate to directly talk to our developers and chief product officer.

“It's great to actually shape the future together with skybow”

Bern Sand, Head of IT Kugler AG
Two developers discussing at the skybow partner day in Zurich
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keynote at the skybow partner event in zurich.
keynote at the skybow partner event in Zurich
Young IT developer speaking at the skybow partner event in Zurich.
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picture of two it people discussing at the skybow partner event in zurich.