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Adding new items via drag and drop in the skybow SharePoint Forms Designer.
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Design your SharePoint List Forms fast and without coding

Add new items via drag&drop
Create a multi-column-layout and use tabs to organize all your fields
Style every element and adapt the SharePoint Form design to your CI easily
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Designing powerful SharePoint Forms without any coding.
Easily creating automation actions with the SharePoint Forms Designer.

Create powerful automations with the SharePoint Forms Designer

Add buttons with custom automations, like document generation, notifications, API calls and many more through the SharePoint Form Designer
Use conditions and loops to make your automations even smarter
Execute automations on form load
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Design your SharePoint Forms smart by adding logic to fields

360° Feedback Example

Employee: 360° employee feedback form made with the SharePoint Forms Designer.

Show exactly what is needed

Control visibility and active states of elements with conditions
Use calculated or default values to ensure high data quality
Take advantage of valuable data connectors, like cross site collection and cascading lookups, in the SharePoint Forms Designer
Manager: 360° employee feedback form for manager made with the SharePoint Forms Designer

Show exactly what is needed

Control visibility and active states of elements with conditions
Use calculated or default values to ensure high data quality
Take advantage of valuable data connectors, like cross site collection and cascading lookups

SharePoint HR Portal

The SharePoint HR Portal is a complete SaaS solution for HR teams based on skybow technology.

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Different HR modules
Months to launch
Christina Mokoru
Co-Founder & Chief of Product Development, pemundo

skybow's low-code platform provides the perfect basis for building digital solutions that can be sold on to numerous customers. Thanks to skybow, modules are super quick and easy to build. Provisioning or updates to the built solution also work reliably. In addition, the solutions can be customized for customers with minimal effort.

SharePoint HR Portal

Product Development Tracker

The product development tracker maps the entire development process and all the stages and approvals it contains.

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Daily active users
Products at the same time
Dieter Jauslin
Expert Digital Workplace, Endress+Hauser

What we particularly appreciate about skybow is that the solution is so well thought out. It offers exactly the functions you need - no overload. The team also provides outstanding support. We notice everyday that the tool was built by real M365 experts. I can only recommend it for any M365 project.

Product Development Tracker

Resource Schedule

Much more efficient and easier resource planning for your business.

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Days of development
to your size
Lewis Blackwell
SharePoint Architect, kwel.

I chose to build this online resource scheduling solution using Skybow's low-code platform because it allowed me to create a custom solution quickly and easily, without the need for extensive coding.

Resource Schedule

CAPEX Approval Workflow

CAPEX approval workflows for business procurement are now clearly structured and automated in a central solution.

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5 Weeks
Project Time
Bram Gijsbers
ICT Support & System Engineer, Plastiflex Group

skybow has an impressive toolset and is great relief for our team for the development of new SharePoint workflows. The low-code tool provides exactly the features that SharePoint developers want. In addition, we can always count on the support of the skybow team. They are there to answer all our questions with very competent solutions.

CAPEX Approval Workflow
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Powerful features

developed from SharePoint Experts for you

out of the box
Forms Designer
Multiple column layout
Responsive by default
Tabs to organize the fields
Define form panel size
Copy elements or stylesCopy/Paste in JSON
Copy the whole formCopy/Paste in JSON
Forms designJSONdrag&drop
Add rich textJSON/HTMLWYSIWYG control
Adapt design of all elements to CICSS classes in JSONEasy style editor
Cross site collection lookup
Cascading lookups
Disable fields with conditionsLowCode assistant
Use calculated values for fieldsLowCode assistant
Use default values for fieldsLowCode assistant
Requirement conditions for fieldsLowCode assistant
Field validationslimitedLowCode assistant
Set visibility of fields with conditionsJSONLowCode assistant
Buttons with actions
Customize command bar actions
Automations on form load
Set variables automatically
Automated redirects or reloads on the form
Version control (go back to older versions)
Export/import automations for reusePower Automate
Automated document generationPower Automate
Automated notifications via Microsoft Teams or e-mailPower Automate
API callsPower Automate
Add, copy, update or delete items automaticallyPower Automate
Conditions for automationsPower AutomateLowCode assistant
Loops for your automationsPower AutomateLowCode assistant

Why our customers
love working with us

Henning Eiben

I think it's great that, in addition to the features already offered, there is also a lot of room to be creative as a developer. Thanks to skybow, I have already been able to successfully realise many solutions, even complex ones.

Henning Eiben

CEO, busitec GmbH
Daniel Griener

I follow skybow's roadmap closely and always look forward to the new features. I can recommend it to anyone who is looking to optimise their processes.

Daniel Griener

Senior Consultant, innobit AG
Jan Boltz

Back in 2015, skybow's form designer was better than anything on the market, and thanks to numerous enhancements, this is still the case today.

Jan Boltz

CEO, PointPro Solutions GmbH
Brett Londsdale

I am thrilled to have utilized skybow to develop and sell our version of skybow Modern Forms to hundreds of customers.

Brett Londsdale

CEO, Lightning Tools LTD.
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Everything you need

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Built for builders

Flexible, low-code platform for building custom business applications that meet specific business needs and requirements.

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Support you can rely on

Responsive and knowledgeable assistance, that goes the extra mile.

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Detailed documentation

Clear and comprehensive information, enabling users to fully utilize the product’s capabilities and effectively troubleshoot any issues.

Easy Provisioning

Reduce backtracking and double-work by using templates and self-built checkpoints.

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Feedback welcome

We want to improve at all times and you can help us with that, so let us know what you think about our technology.

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100% risk free

Free trial period allowing users to fully test and evaluate the product before making a commitment.

“Back in 2015, skybow's form designer was better than anything on the market, and that is still the case today..”

Jan Boltz, CEO of PointPro Solutions GmbH
Skybow consultant helping a client.
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