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About skybow

How do you differ from the Microsoft Power Platform?
Microsoft Power Apps and skybow differ significantly in terms of complexity and licensing. skybow's low-code platform is user-friendly and easy-to-use, making it possible to build individual solutions in a fraction of the time. In contrast, experienced developers are needed to develop solutions with Microsoft Power Apps.

Microsoft Power Apps has an highly complex licensing model with hidden costs, making even small apps expensive to build. skybow offers an individualized price that adapts to customer requirements without additional or hidden costs.

skybow is significantly cheaper, easier to use (even for end users), adapts to individual needs, and can be used without experienced developers.
How big is the technology lock when choosing skybow?
skybow has minimal technology lock-in because it relies entirely on SharePoint, ensuring its functionality is tightly integrated with SharePoint's own features. This guarantees compatibility with any changes made to SharePoint, allowing users to continue using SharePoint without worrying about compatibility issues or being locked into a specific technology.
I only need a very small solution. Isn't skybow too powerful for that?
skybow is suitable for companies of all sizes. Since solutions can be implemented in a fraction of the time due to the low-code approach, the digitization of small processes is also worthwhile. In addition, the licensing is adapted exactly to the number of users, so that there are also suitable pricing models for small companies, teams or isolated solutions.
What makes skybow unique?
skybow is the first and only low-code platform for SharePoint solutions. The Solution Studio combines everything you need for the digitization of workflows in just one tool.

Thanks to the low-code approach, you can build entire forms or automation workflows by drag & drop. No programming knowledge is necessary. This makes the time of complex master-detail-relationships, denormalization or complicated JSON- & CAML-queries a thing of the past.

In addition, you have the possibility to develop and test your solutions in a development and test environment without having to worry about downtimes in the live environment. Thanks to our powerful provisioning feature, you can then deploy entire solutions, individual parts or updates to one or more tenants.

Furthermore, it is possible to create templates from solutions once they have been built in skybow. You can use these templates as a basis for further projects. This way you don't have to build forms, automations, structures and layouts from scratch every time. This allows you to implement projects even faster.

We have a simple licensing model for the entire tool. You pay one price and can use all the features without restrictions.
How does the onboarding work?
If you decide to use the skybow Solution Studio, you can also book an in-depth training for the entire team. Our SharePoint experts will show you everything you need to know to implement your SharePoint solutions with skybow in just one day. In addition, they will set up the development environment together with you so that you can get started straight away.

After the onboarding, numerous step-by-step videos are available to you. Additionally, you will have access to a detailed documentation of all functions and features of skybow. Should you still have questions or problems, our competent chat support is available to you at any time.
What type of SharePoint solutions can be built with skybow?
skybow is extremely flexible and can therefore be used for a wide range of solutions. Here you can find a small overview of various solutions that have already been built with the skybow Solution Studio.

Basically, the SharePoint solutions built with skybow are based on a standardized workflow that still contains many manual steps. Information is captured in some form and then processed further. It is precisely this information capture and the various steps that have to take place afterwards that can be digitized and automated with the help of skybow.

If you already have a project in mind, then book a call with one of our experts and we will tell you exactly whether and how you can implement it with skybow.
How exactly do I get started with the skybow Solution Studio?
In order to be able to build solutions with the skybow Solution Studio, you must first connect the platform to your SharePoint tenant. For this, you need admin rights. Our SharePoint experts will be happy to explain exactly how this works in a call. Then we can set it up directly with you.

Afterwards, you can get started right away and build the first solutions, test and deploy them to one or more connected tenants.
How many SharePoint developers can work on one project?
All skybow licenses include an unlimited number of users for the skybow Solution Studio. The number of users in the licenses only refers to the number of end-users.

So if you want to build your project together with your team, you can easily share it with other users in the Solution Studio. Then you can all work together on the solution. It is up to you how many users you share the project with.

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Is there a free trial available?
Yes, there is the possibility to test the skybow platform for 30 days free of charge. To start and use the test version, book a call with one of our experts and we will set up the setup together with you and show you the first steps. This way you can take full advantage of the 30 days and try out everything that is relevant for your projects.
What exactly does low-code platform mean?
Our platform is very user-friendly and does not require a developer to digitize workflows. You can easily simplify the process by using drag and drop functions in our "what you see is what you get" editor.

In some cases, a fraction of code can be used to customize workflows or forms, but these functions can be adopted by power users.

If needed, you can always arrange an expert call – we are happy to help.
Do I need an extra SharePoint license to use skybow?
skybow is seamlessly integrated with SharePoint and can only be used in combination with it. But don't worry! If you have a Microsoft 365 license, SharePoint is already included. So, if you use Microsoft Teams in your company, you already have SharePoint and there are no extra costs for using it.
What unique functionalities does skybow provide that are not included in SharePoint by default?
SharePoint's default capabilities are limited, especially when it comes to tasks such as form styling, intelligent field addition, and workflow creation. This often requires either extensive coding or combining multiple tools, even for basic projects.

skybow offers easy and quick digitization of processes in SharePoint through drag and drop editors and action builders. It also provides extensive customization options for form design and additional actions. So you can create your workflows faster, better and quickly adapt them to changes.

Here you can find a detailed overview of the differences between skybow and SharePoint out of the box.
What is the difference between Solution Studio and Forms Designer?
If you use the Modern Forms Designer, you work directly in your own SharePoint. This means that you make changes to the live environment, so to speak. If you change forms, actions or automations there, these are implemented directly and visible to all your end users. If you are a user of the Solution Studio, additional functions are available to you. Here you are not directly in the live environment.

This means that you can build, adapt and perfect forms, workflows, actions and automations at your leisure until you are happy with your result. Afterwards you can test your solution in detail. If everything works as desired, you can easily publish the result of your work to one or more SharePoint tenants. Then it will also be visible to all other end users. You can also create customized solutions for different target groups or departments and easily manage all your deployments from the Solution Studio.
Who can build solutions with skybow?
Anyone with some technical know-how can build SharePoint solutions after one day of onboarding in the skybow Solution Studio. This is because no programming knowledge is necessary. Furthermore, we attach great importance to the usability and simplicity of our platform. It is absolutely intuitive to use.

However, it is an advantage if you have already gained experience in the SharePoint area and have a basic understanding of forms, lists and libraries in SharePoint. This will make it all the easier for you to build your first solutions in a fraction of the time.
Are solutions built with skybow scalable?
Yes, skybow easily grows with the size of the company or team. If required, you can upgrade to a higher number of end-users at any time. The solutions themselves do not have to change. Technically, they can be used by an unlimited number of users.
It is therefore no problem to start with small solutions for individual teams and to digitize and automate larger workflows with skybow over time.

skybow is also worthwhile for small companies that plan to grow. As the size of a company grows, so do the processes and they become increasingly complicated. Here skybow helps not to get lost in chaos and to find a custom-fit solution right from the start that can grow with the company.
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