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About the Solution Creator ...

Globeteam is a consultancy firm with a high level of professionalism, constant growth and, most importantly, very satisfied clients. Globeteam helps their clients to optimize business and IT. Furthermore, they have profound technical specialization and experience, as well as a solid business understanding of the particular challenges and investments involved in strategic IT initiatives and solutions.

Unlike other consultancy firms, Globeteam is not dependent on suppliers and has consultancy skills ranging from specialized business consultants to profound technology specialists. This allows Globeteam to solve complex projects across the client's business and IT, and deliver specialized technical solutions which, at the same time, support the client's business, improve their experience and increase business revenue.


The synergy between the consultants' strong skills and Globeteam's unique business model is what sets them apart in the market, and makes Globeteam a competent and professional partner for your business.


Globeteam offers services and delivers results in three main areas:

  • Business Consulting: Globeteam can help you create a connection between IT and your business, thereby maximizing the business value of IT investments, optimizing revenue, quality and service within the organization. Globeteam offers a wide range of business consulting services, ranging from business strategy, IT strategy, and business and operational processes, to project management. Where necessary, Globeteam can call on its collective skills and services during their work.
  • Infrastructure: Globeteam can help you optimize and modernize your IT infrastructure, in order for you to achieve a stable operation and a more efficient work force. The company offers a wide range of services within infrastructure, from strategic advice to technical assistance and implementation. Furthermore, Globeteam assists in everything, ranging from individual tasks to large package solutions.
  • Development: Globeteam develops and implements client-specific solutions that ensure business value. Assistance is offered in adapting and customizing standard applications from large software providers, as well as development and maintenance of client-specific solutions. It is important to Globeteam that the solutions and use of technology are always future-proof, and that they significantly contribute to making your business more efficient.

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