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The audit management software makes audit processes much simpler, faster, more reliable and more secure.

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The audit management software supports the whole audit process. It provides features for planning, working papers, communication, data analysis, reporting, security and compliance management. It standardizes and improves the audit process by providing a central SharePoint platform for collaboration, communication and reporting.


bavaria certification GmbH faced numerous challenges before introducing the audit management software. These made the audit process increasingly difficult. On the one hand, the workload for employees was increasing and, on the other, it was difficult to remain competitive.

Here we would like to highlight a few of the biggest challenges faced by bavaria certification GmbH before the introduction of the audit management software.

Manual processes
Auditors had to manually enter the same data into multiple files, search for information, create working papers and collect data, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.

Lack of collaboration
Audit teams worked in silos, which could lead to poor communication and collaboration. This made it difficult to quickly identify issues and make recommendations. Effective project work was difficult too.

Limited data analysis
There was no effective way to collect and analyze data collected in the audit processes to identify trends and patterns.

Difficulties in report preparation
Report preparation was a tedious process that took a lot of time and could lead to errors. This made every audit extremely time-consuming.

Lack of security
Confidential information have been stored in an insecure manner, which could pose a risk to the audited companies.

How we did it

The audit management software is a comprehensive solution that has modernized, digitalized and automated the entire audit process at bavaria certification GmbH. Although it only took 15 days to build the solution, almost the entire toolset of the skybow low-code platform was used.

Here we only show the highlights of the development. In the next section, you can read more about the individual functions that were created.

Each new audit process is recorded in the audit management software using an individualized SharePoint form and then generates a new dossier. With the help of dossiers, complex master-detail relationships can be created in skybow Solution Studio with just a few clicks.

This allows all information, documents and tasks associated with the audit to be managed in various lists and libraries. The dossier offers the additional advantage that all available data can be viewed at a glance and is also perfectly searchable thanks to a search criteria web part.

Standardized tasks, documents, reports and schedules are automatically created when a new audit is created and assigned to the lists or libraries. Such automations can be easily implemented with the low-code automation action builder from skybow. Numerous standardized automation actions are available for this purpose, which can be configured with just a few clicks.

The automation actions are also used to create automated reminders for tasks via Microsoft Teams. Documents, reports and dashboards can also be created automatically at the touch of a button based on the information entered during the audit process in the audit management software.

The document generation feature of skybow is used for this. This allows completely customized Word or PDF documents to be created at the touch of a button. All you have to do is upload a sample document with the appropriate placeholders in the document generation feature in skybow Solution Studio.

Jutta Deinbeck
Jutta Deinbeck
Head of Certification Unit, bavaria certification GmbH

"The audit management software has greatly simplified our audit process. We can now communicate and collaborate more efficiently and get better insights into our data. The new system saves us a lot of time and has significantly improved the quality of our audits."

The solution

The audit management software provides a lot of features in order to support the whole audit process in every stage. Therefore the SharePoint solution consists of various components that work together to simplify the audit process. Here is a quick overview of the main functions and components of the audit management software built with skybow for bavaria certification GmbH.

Audit planning
The audit management software provides an audit plan creation function that enables auditors to define the areas to be audited, the schedule and other important information. This part covers all the steps that need to be completed by employees before the actual audit. As a result, the audits are perfectly prepared and can be carried out much more efficiently.

Working papers
The audit management software provides a platform for auditors to create and manage their working papers. This can provide a way to collect documents, notes, workflows and other relevant information. This has created a single source of truth. The data is all available in one place, anytime and anywhere.

The audit management software has a built-in communication function that allows auditors to communicate with each other and with the audited companies.

Data analysis
This feature allows auditors to collect, analyze and evaluate data to identify problems and make recommendations. By automating many steps, the process of analyzing became much easier and faster for the team. They can identify optimization potential more quickly and make the best recommendations.

This feature can be used to create reports automatically that allow auditors to communicate their findings in an appropriate manner. Reports, dashboards and other visual representations can be generated with the push of a button. This reduces a lot of manual work.

Compliance management
Compliance management functions are also provided in the audit management software. These enable auditors to ensure that audited entities comply with relevant standards and regulations.

Task Management
This feature allows users to define tasks and assign them to specific audits. The audit management software generates task templates based on the audit type, the deadline, and the allotted time. Users can mark tasks as completed, and the tool also sends reminder Microsoft Teams Messages to ensure that all tasks are completed on time.

Document Generation
This function enables users to create offers and invoices directly in the system. The audit management software calculates the total cost of each offer and generates a PDF that users can send to customers for approval. Once approved, the offer can be converted into an invoice with a single click. This feature eliminates the need for a separate system for invoicing and offer creation, streamlining the entire process.

Screenshot of a new offer in an audit management solution built on SharePoint
Example of a new offer in the audit management software, which can be exported as PDF.

Overall, the audit management software helps to simplify, standardize and improve the audit process by providing a central platform for collaboration, communication and reporting.

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