Public Administration

Cemetery Administration

The solution for funeral services supports the professional management of grave and deceased data.

Days of implementation

The solution for funeral services supports the professional management of grave and deceased data. It includes functions such as funeral and transport management, publication and relatives management, and the management of pending cases. In addition, the connection to the residents' system enables access to the most up-to-date information at any time.


The previous software was based on an outdated Microsoft Access solution. This didn't offer the necessary flexibility to make adjustments to customer-specific requirements. Furthermore, the system was no longer being developed further and was therefore technically outdated.

The migration to a new platform was also necessary to make the administration of deaths and cemeteries more effective. In addition, the new solution was to better meet the needs of the responsible administrative staff.

How we solved it

Cemetery Management, called Funus365, was developed in close cooperation with a city with 13'000 citizens in Switzerland to specifically solve the recurring problems of public administrations in the area of death and cemetery management. The close collaboration allowed specific requirements and needs to be taken into account in order to develop a customized solution.

The main focus was on the following points:

  • User-friendly interface,
  • Easy integration with existing Microsoft technology,
  • Comprehensive functionalities

By implementing these requirements with the help of skybow, a solution was created that perfectly covers and even partially automates the individual processes for death and cemetery administration. Thanks to the software, the processes are 100% reliable and significantly less error-prone. Above all, this resulted in fewer manual tasks for employees, higher efficiency and more satisfaction for the city's residents.

André Meier
André Meier
Head of Sales, UPGREAT AG

Funus365 facilitates the management of deaths and cemeteries enormously. The connection to the city's resident system and the functions for funeral and transportation administration are great advantages and are constantly used by the employees. Our customer is very satisfied with the app and the cooperation with skybow.

The solution

Funus365 is a comprehensive app for managing deaths and cemeteries. The application offers a central list of persons for residents, priests, organists and out-of-town persons as well as an official week schedule for priests in the form of a calendar. These functions make the organization of funerals and the clarification of responsibilities much easier. This leads to faster processing of deaths in particular. ‍

In addition, we offer the option for residents to report death incidents via a guided process on the city website. This means that the data can be transferred directly into the system after a brief approval by employees and doesn't have to be transferred manually by employees. This also makes it much easier for residents to report the death after a drastic event such as the death of a relative.

Funus365 also enables the fully automated creation of documents, such as funeral arrangements. In addition, the app offers a function for tracking death costs. This is particularly relevant if these exceed a set maximum amount. ‍

With a user-friendly interface and easy integration into existing systems, Funus365 is an on-demand and reliable solution for managing deaths and cemeteries.

Making the switch: How we got everybody on board

The onboarding of the city was an important step to successfully implement the Funus365 solution. The close cooperation between skybow and the city enabled an individual adaptation to the needs of the city administration.

To ensure a smooth start with the software, additional training was offered and detailed training materials were provided. This guaranteed rapid familiarization with the new software by the employees of the city, and the app was in regular use within a very short time.

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