SharePoint Asset Management

The SharePoint asset management digitizes the assets of MICA Ventures and simplifys their administration workflows.

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MICA Ventures' SharePoint asset management needed to be user-friendly, secure and inclusive. With intuitive navigation and a clear presentation of data, users save time and effort. The solution provides automated workflows, secure data storage and integration with Microsoft Teams.


The assets of MICA Ventures have grown steadily. But the technological management was not adapted to the resulting challenges. The company tried to bring order to the chaos with Microsoft Excel.

But this method was very error-prone, collaboration was only possible to a limited extent and no automation functionalities were available. This cost the company an extreme amount of resources.

As the processes were extremely individual, it was not possible to find a standard tool that suited the company. Therefore, skybow in combination with SharePoint was the perfect solution for their asset management. The low-code platform is 100 % integrated into the Microsoft environment and offers the necessary flexibility to customize the solution exactly to the needs of MICA ventures.

How we solved it

SharePoint asset management was to become the central tool for managing all of MICA Ventures' assets. Therefore, the functions must also cover the entire management process and all the challenges that arise. This is the only way that SharePoint asset management can actually make work easier.

The dossiers for the assets are the central element of the solution. With the help of the dossiers, master-detail relationships can be created automatically in skybow Solution Studio with just a few clicks, thus linking several tables and libraries together. This means that all data, documents, contacts and tasks can be stored together in the corresponding asset.

This creates a central single source of truth. All responsible employees can access this at any time and from anywhere. As SharePoint asset management is responsive, it can also be used on a tablet or smartphone for on-site appointments.

In addition, individual automations have been built in to reduce manual tasks. With the help of skybow automation actions, employees are reminded of tasks to be completed via Microsoft Teams messages, for example.

The creation of various reports in the SharePoint asset management has also been automated with skybow's document generation feature. This means that required Word or PDF documents can now be created at the touch of a button. All you have to do is upload a sample document with the appropriate placeholders in the document generation feature in skybow Solution Studio.

Dossier of one of the assets in the SharePoint Asset Management solution
Oliver Zehnich
Oliver Zehnich
CEO, MICA Ventures

With the SharePoint asset management, I finally have a simple and secure way to manage our assets. I especially appreciate the user-friendly interface and the integrated management tools. I recommend skybow to anyone who has individual requirements that a generic solution simply cannot serve.

The Solution

The SharePoint asset management focuses primarily on ease of use and the centralization of all information on the various assets. Documents, contracts and e-mails can be stored in the asset management solution with comments.  

This ensures that no information is lost, that all employees are always up to date and that data can be found quickly at any time. This finally brings order to the Excel chaos and the document jungle on the drives.

Simple report displays of payment flows in the assets provide the necessary overview. Tasks with automated reminder functionality help to manage the assets in a guided manner. The SharePoint asset management provides all those functionalities without leaving the familiar environment.

The SharePoint asset management can be used not only in SharePoint, but also 100% integrated in Microsoft Teams. This allows users to work in a tool that they already use on a daily basis and whose usage they are already familiar with.

This also makes change management much easier. This is because hardly any onboarding is required as users are already familiar with the interface.

The SharePoint asset management is smart, promotes collaboration and was created in just 3 days. Now, it is the central tool for asset management within MICA Ventures.

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