Public Administration

Suite for Public Administration

Within only 2 days, individual solutions are published for each public administration and its processes.

Individual solutions
days of implementation

The platform is a customized solution for public administrations that offers a user-friendly, customizable interface. It includes solutions for cemetery management, child subsidy management, and a low-code approach that can be used to create custom solutions in a matter of days. This makes processes highly automated and significantly more efficient.


Public administrations often have similar IT challenges. Nevertheless, individual differences always exist, making a one-size-fits-all solution for all public administrations unfeasible. Therefore, a customized solution tailored to the specific needs of each administration is essential.

How we solved it

In the development process, the focus was first placed on solutions that are required by all public administrations, such as cemetery administration and the administration of child subsidies. As a result, key processes could be digitized in the first step, resulting in a significant gain in efficiency.‍

The next step was an individual analysis of which other solutions are required for each administration. In this way, customized, individual solutions can be offered step by step for each public administration, which meet the respective specific needs 100%.

Rinaldo Lieberherr
Rinaldo Lieberherr

Thanks to low-code technology, I was able to develop customized solutions for the specific requirements of the public administration in a very short time. This efficient way of software development has enabled me to respond quickly to the needs of the administration and reduce the workload of employees.

The Solution

The solution is based on deep, consulting-intensive collaboration with public administrations to understand their specific needs in detail. With an agile development process and skybow's low-code platform, customized solutions are developed and implemented quickly and efficiently.

This approach and close collaboration creates effective solutions that significantly reduce the workload of employees in public administrations and significantly increase productivity.

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