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Save hours migrating your
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Find out where you are still
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Detect all InfoPath forms
Retire InfoPath Forms that nobody needs any more
Decide which forms need to be modernized
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Save time and improve efficiency with our automized InfoPath migration process

Save significant time compared to rebuilding forms
No errors through automated conversion
Ensure a high degree of accuracy

Keep what is good, modernize what needs to be better

Keep form data and formatting intact
Tailor forms to your unique needs and branding
Integrate with modern technology like MS Teams
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Bram Gijbers

skybow had more to offer than all the other options and working with the skybow Solution Studio is a lot easier than working with the Power Platform and Power Automate.

Bram Gijbers

ICT Support & System Engineer, Plastiflex Group
Rinaldo Lieberherr

skybow means Swiss quality to me. We recommend the company to anyone looking for a reliable and high-quality digital solution.

Rinaldo Lieberherr

Brett Londsdale

I am thrilled to have utilized skybow to develop and sell our version of skybow Modern Forms to hundreds of customers.

Brett Londsdale

CEO, Lightning Tools LTD.
Daniel Griener

I follow skybow's roadmap closely and always look forward to the new features. I can recommend it to anyone who is looking to optimise their processes.

Daniel Griener

Senior Consultant, innobit AG
Henning Eiben

I think it's great that, in addition to the features already offered, there is also a lot of room to be creative as a developer. Thanks to skybow, I have already been able to successfully realise many solutions, even complex ones.

Henning Eiben

CEO, busitec GmbH
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Built for builders

Flexible, low-code platform for building custom business applications that meet specific business needs and requirements.

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Support you can rely on

Responsive and knowledgeable assistance, that goes the extra mile.

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Detailed documentation

Clear and comprehensive information, enabling users to fully utilize the product’s capabilities and effectively troubleshoot any issues.

Easy Provisioning

Reduce backtracking and double-work by using templates and self-built checkpoints.

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Feedback welcome

We want to improve at all times and you can help us with that, so let us know what you think about our technology.

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100% risk free

Free trial period allowing users to fully test and evaluate the product before making a commitment.

“Thanks to skybow, I have already been able to successfully realise many solutions, even complex ones.”

Henning Eiben, CEO of busitec GmbH
Skybow consultant helping a client.
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