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Sane, Transparent, Reasonable Pricing

You only pay for the features you use and the users that actually use them. You can pay for a single solution or a blanket license for an unlimited number of solutions. All at very reasonable prices. Oh, and we never charge you to develop anything.

That’s it. That’s our pricing model.

Option 1: Solution Subscription ...

skybow Solution Studio Pricing


Deploy a solution you built with skybow Solution Studio into production, and we’ll charge you for that solution monthly based on the number of concurrent users per month. The total number of features you use (e.g., Rich Forms, aggregations, scheduled actions) determines the per-user price. Solution Studio even lets you check to see what the per-user price will be as you design your solution.

We’ve built volume discounts into our model, too; the more users you have, the lower we’ll make the price per user. For example, a solution that used every feature we offer but was used by one user will cost just under $4 USD per month, but by the time you get to 1000 users, the per-user price is below $1 USD. This short video shows you how it works.

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Option 2: Enterprise Subscription ....

skybow Solution Studio Pricing

By the time you’ve built and deployed three solutions, it’s more cost-effective to opt for an Enterprise Subscription. It allows you to create an unlimited number of solutions and activates all features. So it’s based on concurrent users per month. And yes, volume discounts apply.

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Option 3: Enterprise Purchase ....

Some people just don’t like subscription software, and that’s okay, too. You can buy a license for Solution Studio and use it as much as you like. Support and updates would be handled with a maintenance agreement in that case.

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