Audit Management

Audit Management

A software solution that makes audit processes much simpler, faster, more reliable and more secure.

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A digital audit management system includes planning, working papers, communication, data analysis, reporting, security and compliance management. It facilitates, standardises and improves the audit process by providing a central platform for collaboration, communication and reporting.


Before the introduction of the digital audit management system, there were several challenges that complicated the audit processes:

Manual processes
Auditors had to manually enter the same data into multiple files, search for information, create working papers and collect data, which was time-consuming and prone to errors.

Lack of collaboration
Audit teams worked in silos, which could lead to poor communication and collaboration. This made it difficult to quickly identify issues and make recommendations, and to work together effectively on projects.

Limited data analysis
There was no effective way to collect and analyse data to identify trends and patterns.

Difficulties in report preparation
Report preparation was a tedious process that took a lot of time and could lead to errors.

Lack of security
Confidential information may have been stored in an insecure manner, which could pose a risk to the audited companies.

How we did it

The agile IT project for Bavaria Certifications was divided into several iterations. In each iteration, a functionality or feature of the digital audit management system was developed and tested. In the process, the team was always in close exchange with the customers.

Thus, before each iteration, the product requirements to be developed were defined or prioritised. On this basis, a plan was drawn up, on the basis of which the development team worked. As a result, the individual iterations took a maximum of two to three days.

Afterwards, the finished result was discussed with all stakeholders, evaluated and perfected. This meant that the system could be used productively directly after the final acceptance by the customers.

Through this procedure, clients are involved in the development in the best possible way. They see the constant progress and can give feedback at any time, which is directly incorporated into the software. This also ensures the high quality of the final product.

Jutta Deinbeck
Jutta Deinbeck
Head of Certification Unit, bavaria certification GmbH

"The digital audit management system has greatly simplified our audit process. We can now communicate and collaborate more efficiently and get better insights into our data. The new system saves us a lot of time and has significantly improved the quality of our audits."

The solution

The digital audit management system consists of various components that work together to support and simplify the audit process. Some of the functions and components of the system are:

Audit planning
The system provides an audit plan creation function that enables auditors to define the areas to be audited, the schedule and other important information.

Working papers
The system provides a platform for auditors to create and manage their working papers. This can provide a way to collect documents, notes, workflows and other relevant information.

The software has a built-in communication function that allows auditors to communicate with each other and with the audited companies.

Data analysis
This feature allows auditors to collect, analyse and evaluate data to identify problems and make recommendations.

This feature can be used to create reports that allow auditors to communicate their findings in an appropriate manner. Reports, dashboards and other visual representations can be generated automatically.

Compliance management
Compliance management functions are also provided. These enable auditors to ensure that audited entities comply with relevant standards and regulations.

Task Management
This feature allows users to define tasks and assign them to specific audits. The system generates task templates based on the audit type, the deadline, and the allotted time. Users can mark tasks as completed, and the tool also sends reminder emails to ensure that all tasks are completed on time.

Document Generation
This function enables users to create offers and invoices directly in the system. The tool calculates the total cost of each offer and generates a PDF that users can send to customers for approval. Once approved, the offer can be converted into an invoice with a single click. This feature eliminates the need for a separate system for invoicing and offer creation, streamlining the entire process.

Screenshot of a new offer in an audit management solution built on SharePoint
Example of a new offer, which can be exported as PDF

Overall, the digital audit management system helps to simplify, standardise and improve the audit process by providing a central platform for collaboration, communication and reporting.

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