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The construction management software ensures significantly more efficient, simple and secure construction projects.

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The construction management software is a cloud-based platform that enables any construction project team to centrally store, manage and share construction information and documents. It improves collaboration and efficiency in construction project management, reduces dependence on paper files and increases data security.


Before the introduction of the construction management software, construction clients often had difficulties managing, exchanging and archiving important information and documents in paper form. This led to delays, loss of information, errors and increased costs in project management.

In addition, the dependency on paper files and physical locations was an obstacle to smooth cooperation between the various project participants.

Standard tools are often unable to provide a remedy here. This is because the processes in construction projects can vary greatly depending on the type of project and where it is being carried out. The construction management software should therefore be able to map the basic structure and processes of construction projects and still be flexibly adaptable.

How we solved it

Similar construction projects always have the same structure and essentially the same tasks have to be completed. This is why teamsware's construction management software has been designed so that this structure is created automatically when a new project is created.

A SharePoint dossier is automatically created in the construction management software, which contains all the information, tasks and documents for a construction project. The dossier makes it easy to create master-detail relationships. This allows information from several lists and libraries to be combined in one place. This provides a better overview and creates a single source of truth.

The first standardized documents and tasks are already created in the lists and libraries using automation actions. This eliminates a lot of manual work. Nevertheless, everyone involved knows what needs to be done and is reminded of this by the construction management software via e-mail or team messages.

Thanks to the responsive design of the construction management software, the solution can also be used perfectly on tablets or smartphones on construction sites.

The solution also has a feature that allows images to be uploaded directly from the construction site to the construction management software for documentation purposes. SharePoint Forms are used for this. These were created and customized using skybow's Forms Designer. This allowed them to be perfectly adapted to the needs of the construction industry. This not only makes documentation processes more digital, but also significantly simpler, faster and less error-prone.

Udo Schwenker
Udo Schwenker
CEO, Teamsware GmbH

skybow helps us scale for large clients and build enterprise portals. Thanks to skybow's seamless integration into our platform, we can offer our clients an even more user-friendly and powerful solution that takes construction project management collaboration to a new level.

The Solution

The requirements resulted in a complete solution that maps the entire construction process. The construction management software offers features such as central data storage, document management, a user-friendly interface and seamless integration into the Microsoft 365 environment.

However, the construction management software not only covers documentation and document management. There are also numerous features to improve collaboration in construction projects. These include, for example:

  • Functions for planning and coordinating tasks
  • Real-time communication
  • The ability to edit documents and models directly in the software

This construction management software was completely built with the toolset of the skybow Solution Studio. It is now sold as a separate product by teamsware GmbH. That makes it a very special project.

In order to sell the construction management software as its own product, teamsware GmbH primarily uses the provisioning feature of skybow. This is unique on the market and the most powerful provisioning feature for SharePoint.

It enables complete solutions to be created as templates. This means that the finished solution can be "copied" again and again in a secure development environment, easily adapted to the needs of the new customer and then deployed on their SharePoint tenant. This turns a small SharePoint project into a completely new product.

The skybow provisioning feature is also available for updates to the construction management software. This means that updates to the solution can be easily implemented and then rolled out to all tenants.

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