CV Generator

This makes it much easier and faster for innobit AG to apply for new consultig projects.

Days of implementation

The digital, automated CV generator is a multi tenant SaaS solution for innobit AG. The app helps to make the application process for new projects much more efficient to save time and costs.


The manual production of CVs was time-consuming and labour-intensive, leaving advisors with less capacity for real value-added work. Moreover, manually produced CVs often do not meet the quality standards with which a company wants to present itself to the outside world.  ‍

Another problem was the possible incompatibility of the CV design with the company's brand guidelines. This can be extremely detrimental to a company's external image.  ‍

In addition, manual data entry can be error-prone, leading to important information being overlooked.

How we solved it

At the beginning of the project, the teams at innobit AG looked at the requirements for the CV generator. It quickly became clear that the requirements were so individual that no standard solution could meet them. As a Microsoft consultant, it was also essential that the solution was well integrated into the Microsoft ecosystem. ‍

That's why innobit AG opted for skybow. Our solution is perfectly integrated into the Microsoft world. This means it can be used in the familiar environment. Furthermore, with the help of our solution, we can perfectly cover individual requirements within a very short time.  ‍

This is exactly what we managed to do thanks to our proven agile development method. After only a few days, we were able to achieve visible results, which were then further perfected according to the wishes of our customers.

Daniel Griener
Daniel Griener
Senior Consultant, innobit AG

Our digital CV generator is an invaluable tool for us. With its help, we can quickly and easily create professional CVs that give our clients a clear insight into our skills and experience.

The solution

In order to supplement offers with CV documents of the consultants, these can be created automatically in the CV generator. The information is entered and maintained independently by the consultants. In order to maintain the flexibility of individual document adjustments, the generated CV document can be exported directly from the solution as an MS Word file. This means that it can be individually adapted at any time if required.  ‍

In addition to the data to be collected on language experience, competences, education and training as well as industry know-how, personal employee information from existing data in the system is used. The information on existing project experience is automatically supplemented with the possibility of a detailed description of the project with responsibilities and roles. ‍

The CV documents can be generated in several languages. ‍

Simple management of the document templates means that administrators can make any necessary adjustments to the design of the CV documents directly and promptly. The data provided by the counsellors for the creation of the CVs can also be used for evaluations and reporting.  

Automated reminders, which regularly remind the consultants to update their data, are also part of the innovative solution.

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