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Significantly more efficient, simple and secure management of construction projects thanks to this app.

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The digital construction file is a cloud-based platform that enables any construction project team to centrally store, manage and share construction information and documents. It improves collaboration and efficiency in construction project management, reduces dependence on paper files and increases data security.


Before the introduction of the digital construction file, construction clients often had difficulties managing, exchanging and archiving important information and documents in paper form. This led to delays, loss of information, errors and increased costs in project management. ‍

In addition, the dependency on paper files and physical locations was an obstacle to smooth cooperation between the various project participants. The introduction of the digital construction file has solved these challenges by providing a central, cloud-based platform that all stakeholders can access regardless of location to obtain up-to-date and relevant information.

How we solved it

The development of the digital construction file was implemented through intensive cooperation with construction experts and engineers. In several iterations, the requirements and needs of the customers were analysed in order to generate a user-friendly and efficient solution.  ‍

Modern technologies and best practices in software development were used to create a robust and scalable platform. Development was agile thanks to skybow's low-code approach, with feedback and adjustments from all stakeholders implemented within a very short time. Particular attention was paid to integration into the Microsoft 365 environment and compliance with data protection and security standards. 

Through close cooperation with the customers, the digital construction file was continuously improved and adapted to the changing requirements of the market.

Udo Schwenker
Udo Schwenker
CEO, Teamsware GmbH

skybow helps us scale for large clients and build enterprise portals. Thanks to skybow's seamless integration into our platform, we can offer our clients an even more user-friendly and powerful solution that takes construction project management collaboration to a new level.

The Solution

The digital construction file offers features such as central data storage, document management, a user-friendly interface and seamless integration into the Microsoft 365 environment.  

In the future, the platform will focus even more on collaboration features to improve cooperation between the various project participants. These include, for example, functions for planning and coordinating tasks, real-time communication and the ability to edit documents and models directly in the platform.  ‍

In addition, the digital construction file will integrate intelligent functions such as automated workflows, artificial intelligence and data analysis to offer customers even more insights and added value.

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