Social Media CRM

Recruit the perfect candidates on social media with the help of this skybow tool.


Social media customer relationship management (CRM) is a tool that helps companies find and recruit candidates on social media. Through a form advertised on social media, candidates can be automatically captured and contacted. The tool tracks the status of each applicant and maps this to the needs of the companies. This ensures that each applicant is made aware of suitable job opportunities.


Recruitment agencies that have many online requests often face the challenge of manually processing and organising them. This process is both time-consuming and error-prone, especially when it comes to sorting requests according to their priority or relevance.

How we solved it

When creating the social media CRM system, particular emphasis was placed on the flexibility and adaptability of the tool. This means that it can be adapted to changed needs at any time and within a very short time. It was explicitly avoided to use a rigid system that is difficult to change or update.

Instead, agile methods and techniques were used to design the Social Media CRM system in such a way that it is easily adaptable and, above all, scalable. Modern skybow low-code technology was used. With the help of this, the client's requirements could be implemented easily and quickly.

Matus Izakovic
Matus Izakovic

The social media CRM is a game-changer for our company. It helps us to serve applicants and huge customers, such as Google, much better and to work more efficiently in the process.

The Solution

A standardised form was created for social media customer relationship management (CRM). This is advertised on social media. The form is used to capture potential candidates interested in a specific job. The data collected in the process is automatically analysed by the tool.

Potential candidates are then automatically contacted through various means, such as email, SMS or MS Teams. This is done through the use of automated follow-up systems. The status of each candidate is matched and mapped against the requirements of the searching company to ensure that each candidate is only made aware of suitable vacancies.

The entire process, including contacting applicants and tracking the status of each applicant, is monitored and managed by the social media CRM tool. The tool also ensures that all relevant information about each applicant is kept up to date. In addition, all interactions with candidates are properly documented.

This ensures that companies find the best candidates and that each applicant has the best possible chance of finding a suitable job. The use of automated systems in social media CRM improves the efficiency and accuracy of the entire process. In addition, the tool reduces time and costs for all parties involved.

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