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An easy-to-use, yet powerful editor to customize your modern SharePoint list forms. Responsive and mobile by default.

It's designed to run on SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2019 / SE.

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Core Features...

skybow Modern Forms is an intuitive SharePoint list form editor that enables you to improve the logic and the layout of your modern, responsive SharePoint Forms. Modern Forms offers cascading lookups, customized buttons with actions, repeating lists integration, tab controls, conditional formatting and simple to use calculations and expressions.

Enhance Your SharePoint Forms

Modern SharePoint List Forms look great, they’re modern and responsive. But sometimes they require more logical layouts to show or hide fields until they become relevant, organize fields into tabs, show related data from other lists within the same form, and customize the logic behind each action button.

Create Logical Form Layouts

Modern Forms provides you with a fully integrated design interface that enables you to organize fields, tabs, add Rich Text, and build logically actions all without code. We do all of this whilst maintaining the look and feel of the out-of-the-box lists and responsive design. Of course, as with most form design tools, your data is stored in your lists and is not processed or stored outside of your tenant!

Use Intuitive Calculations & Expressions

Cascading Lookups, Hide Fields, Field Validation, Cross List Calculations, Actions, and Default values can all be performed easily. Being integrated into SharePoint means that we have the context of the list and environment variables to hand to help with your calculations.

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SharePoint Modern List Forms that you find in Modern Lists such as Contacts, Links, Announcements, Issue Tracking, and Custom Lists offer a responsive side panel which is great for both desktop, tablet and mobile use. However, sometimes you need to add some business logic to those Modern List Forms. skybow Modern Forms enables you to add business logic, and improve the responsive modern design without you needing to write code.

Microsoft Teams Integration...

Teams is becoming one of the most important tools in the working world next to Outlook. As our Modern forms are natively embedded in SharePoint lists, it is also very easy to add these forms and processes to your Teams channel. To do so, simply select the SharePoint or Lists app while adding a new tab. There you simply select a list that has been enhanced with skybow Modern forms.

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Contextual Design Experience...

With some form designers, the design experience doesn’t have the SharePoint list context. skybow Modern Forms provides a design experience for your SharePoint Modern List Forms where you have the context of the form you are customizing. You can test your logic with existing list items, build expressions using existing fields belonging to the list you are modifying, and test your changes without committing your changes to the list. Once you are happy, you can save the changes, and easily revert back to the original design if you need to.


Organize Fields Into Tabs...

Especially with larger forms it is usually necessary to be able to separate and arrange the fields on several columns or also in tabs. SharePoint lists the fields by default all in one column under each other, without the easy possibility to change the layout.
With skybow Modern Forms it is possible to choose a 1-3 column design or to arrange the individual fields in tabs, which in turn can contain 1-3 columns.


Field Configuration...

Use a powerful expression language to hide or disable fields and other controls based on dynamic conditions. Define default values for every field type or calculate its value.

Making fields required based on other inputs or conditions is easily achieved. Last but not least it's possible to validate form inputs to make sure it has the correct format.


Action Buttons...

skybow Modern Forms gives you the option to add action buttons to the top command bar of a form or just place a button as a separate control somewhere on the form.

A powerful action builder allows you to add multiple actions to be executed on a single click and interact with the current item.

Using an expression every button can be made visible or disabled e.g. for a specific group of people or based on other conditions.

A list of predefined actions are:

  • Add, update, delete list item
  • Send mail
  • Generate documents
  • any many more...


Conditional Formatting...

Add styles to your forms and design them to adapt corporate CI/CD guidelines. If you need some styles to be loaded only for a specific scenario, simply add a rule using our powerful expression language.

No need to know about CSS. With our easy to use style editor everyone should be able to get their forms formatted as needed. 


Master-Detail Sublists...

Data relations made easy. Back in InfoPath this was called a Repeating Section.

Sublists or document libraries can be added on every form to show related data. They can be organized in tabs if needed. The assignment is automatically done when adding a new sub item.

Sublists can also be used on the master list to aggregate it's data such as count, sum, average, min and max value.


Cascading Lookups...

Lookup values from another list or library is essential for data normalization. skybow Modern Forms lookups can be filtered based on static values or dynamically on other form inputs. A simple filter builder will help you to get the values you need.


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Cross Site Collection Lookup...

Your data is not stored within the same site collection, but in another MS Teams or in the root site? With the Modern Forms Data Lookup it's possible to get values from any other site collection within the same tenant. Single or multi values and also filtering like a normal lookup is still possible.


Form Load Actions...

You need to be something done on form load? skybow Modern Forms gives you two options to execute actions before the form starts to load and being rendered, but also after when the form is fully loaded.

With the same action builder as on the action buttons multiple actions can be executed one after the other e.g. to show a message, load other script libraries or simply redirect somewhere else under certain conditions.


Rich Text Control...

With the rich text control it's possible to add any static text, link or image to your forms. The state-of-the-art WYSIWYG-editor makes it easy to add the content you need.

To hide it under certain conditions a dynamic visible expression can be added using the low code skybow expression builder.


Configurable Form Panel Size...

Configure the size of the form panel. Choose from small, medium, large or even full screen if you have a large form with lots of tabs and columns.



Export your form configuration to import it in another environment or simply from the NewForm to the EditForm/DisplayForm (or vice versa).

The export generates a plain .json file which is simple to understand and adjustable where needed.


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