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SharePoint Modern Forms Designer

Easily customize your forms for all SharePoint lists without code

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  • Organise fields into tabs
  • Show related data from other lists within the same form
  • Add the logic behind each action button
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  • Fully integrated design interface
  • Contextual Design Experience
  • Experience on all devices

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  • No code needed
  • No-compromise in functionality
  • Users can build their own solutions

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What are the core features
of Modern SharePoint Forms?

skybow Modern Forms is an intuitive SharePoint list form editor that enables users to improve the logic and layout of SharePoint Forms. Modern Forms offers cascading lookups, customised buttons with actions, integration for repeating lists, tab controls, conditional formatting, and easy-to-use calculations and expressions. Let’s dive deeper into the main features of the solution. They include:


  • Contextual Design Experience

    With larger forms, it is important to be able to separate and arrange the fields in several columns or in tabs. SharePoint lists all the fields in one column under each other by default, without the possibility to change the layout. With skybow Modern Forms, it is possible to choose a 1-3 column designs or to arrange the individual fields in tabs, which in turn can contain 1-3 columns.

  • Conditional Formatting

    Users can add styles to forms and design them to adapt corporate CI/CD guidelines. If users need some styles to only load for a specific scenario, it is easy to add a rule using skybow’s powerful expression language.

  • Configurable Form Panel Size

    Configure the size of the form panel. Choose from small, medium, large or even full screen if you have a large form with lots of tabs and columns.



  • Organising Fields Into Tabs

    Organise the form content in a user-friendly structure by tabs which helps to navigate to grouped information and accelerates the input flow. Improve the form by showing only relevant parts on time with dynamic visibility configurations.

  • Master-Detail Sublists

    Data relations made easy — InfoPath called this a Repeating Section. skybow’s Sublists, or document libraries, can be added on every form to show the related data. If needed, they can be organised in tabs. The assignment is automatically completed when adding a new sub-item. Sublists can also be used in the master list to aggregate data such as count, sum, average, and min and max value.

  • Cross-Site Collection Lookup

    Maybe your data is not stored within the same site collection, but in another MS Team or even in the root site? With the Modern Forms Data Lookup, it's possible to retrieve values from any other site collection within the same tenant. Single or multi values and also filtering like a normal lookup is still possible.

  • Cascading Lookups

    Lookup values from another list or library is essential for data normalisation. skybow Modern Forms lookups can be filtered based on static values or dynamically on other form inputs. A simple filter builder will help you to get the values you need.



  • Workflow / Action buttons

    skybow Modern Forms provides users with the option to add action buttons to the top command bar of a form or just place a button as a separate control somewhere on the form. A powerful action builder allows users to add multiple actions to be executed in a single click and interact with the current item.

  • Field Configuration

    With skybow Modern Forms, you can use a powerful expression language to hide or disable fields and other controls based on dynamic conditions. Users can define default values for every field type or calculate their values.

  • Form Load Actions

    skybow Modern Forms gives you two options to execute actions: before a form starts to load and is rendered, as well as after when the form is fully loaded. With the same action builder as on the action buttons, multiple actions can be executed one after the other: to show a message, load another script library, or simply redirect somewhere else under certain conditions.

  • Rich Text Control

    With the rich text control it's possible to add any static text, link or image to your forms. The state-of-the-art WYSIWYG-editor makes it easy to add the content you need. To hide it under certain conditions a dynamic visible expression can be added using the low code skybow expression builder.

  • Export/Import

    Export your form configuration to import it in another environment or simply from the NewForm to the EditForm/DisplayForm (or vice versa). The export generates a plain .json file which is simple to understand and adjustable where needed.


Don't know how to start? Don’t worry, we got you covered! With our tutorials, trainings and direct support you can get started right away.


skybow Modern Forms Add-In - Getting started

Learn how to manually install and setup our powerful editor enabling you to design dynamic SharePoint list forms with business logic as easily and flexibly as adding content to a publishing page or writing formulas in an Excel sheet.

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How to install skybow Modern Forms Add-In from SharePoint store

The skybow Moden Forms Add-In can be installed as easily as downloading it directly from the Microsoft Store.

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Export and import skybow Modern Forms configuration by PowerShell

This script provides the functionality to export and import forms configuration of skybow Modern Forms Add-In by Power Shell. Learn more about it right here.

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Tutorial - How to capitalize field values?

When using skybow Modern SharePoint Forms you can configure a validation on each form field and use the power of e.g. regex, etc. Find a quick and easy tutorial right here.

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Are you Ready to Migrate to skybow Modern Forms?

skybow is a straightforward solution that allows for a seamless data migration experience. skybow Modern Forms can be used on different devices and allows for easy configuration. If you are in search of a high-quality yet easy-to-use InfoPath replacement, skybow is the right choice. Try it!

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