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Do you already work modern? (Part 1 of 5)

Do you already work modern? Templates and Solution Studio (part 1/5) In this blog series we are talking about modern working style on the M365 platform

Sebastian Schneider

Sebastian Schneider

Templates & Solution Studio

What makes skybow modern?

Depending on your background you are reading this question very differently. If you are a SharePoint nerd like we are, you are of course immediately thinking about the SharePoint Modern UI and the fact that skybow can fully operate in that UI would make it modern to you.

If you are reading this as a normal person (pun intended) you might be unsure of what makes skybow modern, because you might not even know what is out there and what the industry standard might look like.

We are planning to clear up this uncertainty and present our case why we think skybow is modern. We are not going to do that in one blog post but with constantly giving you information of the capabilities of skybow and why we think those features are modern.

In this piece we are focusing on our flagship - the skybow Solution Studio and how its templating feature is facilitating modern working.

The Modern Workplace is one of the big buzzwords of our time. It is defined as a highly digitalized way of collaboration. But why should we strive for that? Next to obvious environmental reasons like reducing the use of paper there is one major goal for all modern workplaces – Efficiency

The templating feature of the skybow Solution Studio has majored in Efficiency but let me describe that in detail. Overall, it is to say that templating can help you in three ways.

  1. It can give you a quick start
  2. It vastly improves collaboration
  3. It completely reduces re-building efforts

Quick Starting

This one is the most obvious but let us explain it with an example. Leave requesting for holidays or sickness are done terribly at your company. You must fill in an Excel and everything is still being tracked manually which can lead to errors and extra work.

With little research you would find out that skybow offers a Leave Request Application template in the new SharePoint Modern UI that you can deploy within seconds.

Now one of three things can happen.

  1. You like what you see and will from now on do your Leave Requests exactly like in our proposed template
  2. You think the Leave Request is nice but you are still missing some features because you have to follow some specific rules. No problem, after the testing you contact us and we will help you to add those features
  3. You are also missing features but you decide to add these features yourself, because you are proficient in SharePoint and willing to invest some time in the skybow technology because you know it will benefit you in the long run. We also offer trainings that you can use Solution Studio faster

Whatever option you will choose you will most likely have a better solution for less of the price than if you would have chosen for an individual solution specifically build for you, because of the enhanced efficiency of the skybow Solution Studio.


To explain collaboration let us stay with the example of the Leave Request. You decided to change some aspects of the Leave Request, but you do not want to build it all by yourself.

With the templating feature you can make a full template of your work and share it with everyone in and out of your organization and you can work together on your new solution.

In addition, it helps us supporting you a lot easier. Let us say you encounter an issue. You can directly make a template and share that template with us, your supervisor, or your SharePoint partner. Necessary adjustments can be made, and the template can be shared back. This way no time is lost and a solution can be found.

No need for re-building

Now let us stay with the Leave Request but also imagine you work for a large cooperation and you have many departments in your company. All departments have their own needs, some overlap with other departments but others do not. What do you do? Build a new solution for every need?

Of course not. With the templating feature of the skybow Solution Studio you can build base templates that can work as starting points for new solution. You therefore create your own templates and make necessary adjustments on them and you never have to repeat your work once. This is what we call efficiency.

This combination of features is exclusive to the skybow platform and our definition of a modern workplace. If you are barely believing what you are reading check it our yourself and request a demo:

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