Streamline Business Processes with Skybow and KORTO Integration

Use skybow and KORTO for easy document management, security, compliance, data governance, and paperless operations. Improve efficiency & stay compliant.

Sebastian Schneider

Sebastian Schneider

In today's digital age, businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their processes and increase efficiency. One solution to this is the integration of skybow and KORTO.

skybow is a powerful platform that enables businesses to easily create and manage workflows, forms and document generation in SharePoint. KORTO, on the other hand, is an enterprise record management solution that provides features such as security and compliance, data governance and efficient tracking and auditing of data usage and access.

When integrated, skybow and KORTO provide a number of business benefits. Here I want to list just a few key advantages:

Easy storage & retrieval of documents

One of the main advantages is the easy storage and retrieval of documents created with skybow's document generation action. This means that documents created within skybow workflows can easily be stored into KORTO, complete with all metadata and permissions. This makes document management more efficient, saving businesses time and resources.

Security and compliance features

Another key benefit of the integration is the added security and compliance features. Documents created within skybow workflows are stored in a secure and compliant way, fulfilling all internal and regulatory compliance standards and procedures. This ensures that sensitive data is protected and that the business remains compliant with relevant regulations.

Data governance

Data governance is another important aspect of the skybow-KORTO integration. When documents are stored in KORTO, compliance procedures are applied, and users with defined permissions get automatically access to those documents. This helps businesses maintain control over data usage and access, ensuring that sensitive information is only shared with the appropriate individuals.

Tracking of data usage & access

The integration also allows for efficient tracking and auditing of data usage and access. It is very easy to track opens, downloads, and metadata changes for the documents stored in KORTO. Additionally, KORTO provides data versioning and rollback capabilities, allowing businesses to undo changes if necessary.

Digital & paperless businesses

Finally, by leveraging the power of skybow and KORTO, businesses can become truly digitalized and paperless. The combination of skybow Forms, Workflows, and Document Generation and KORTO's enterprise records management capabilities can help organizations streamline processes and reduce the need for paper-based documentation. This not only improves efficiency but also helps the environment by reducing paper waste.

In conclusion, the integration of skybow and KORTO provides a number of business benefits, including easy storage and retrieval of documents, security and compliance, data governance, efficient tracking and auditing of data usage, and the ability to become a digitalized, paperless organization. If your business is looking to streamline its processes and increase efficiency, consider integrating skybow and KORTO. It's the future of digitalized and paperless organizations.

Sebastian Schneider
CEO, skybow

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