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The 3 Pillar of a successful workspace: Intranet, Collaboration, and Business Apps

Webinar Review & Recording of: The 3 Pillar of a successful workspace: Intranet, Collaboration, and Business Apps

Adis Jugo

Adis Jugo

Adis Jugo (skybow Director of Product Technology and Microsoft MVP) and our friends at Swisscom talk about a key topic most people forget.

We’ve observed a lot of common customers and noticed a pattern:

  • Most companies have approached intranets as internal publishing platforms above all
  • Several collaboration options have emerged, so many that they appear to compete for your attention, and not all are concerned at all with a company’s publishing assets
  • There is still a large need for a long list of business apps, solutions involving custom data, custom UI, and custom activity

The corporate intranet was supposed to be a platform that should bring all valuable and vital information for employees to one central digital spot. Many software vendors even took it upon themselves to offer “intranet in a box” solutions.

But publishing is not enough. A true digital workplace involve all three of the above components, and a corporate platform should be about publishing, collaboration, and business apps in equal measure. There’s more than one way to make this happen, and Swisscom has seen plenty of efforts succeed and fail. They’ve definitely noticed that some ways work better than others, This webinar will focus on where to base these three pillars and how they could potentially work together. It may be easier than you think.

In case you missed the webinar we attached the recording down below. Furthermore you can find the questions and the corresponding answers below the video.

Again, thanks everyone for attending, and see you in the next webinar!

Webinar Recording Video:

Adis Jugo
Former Director of Product Technology, skybow

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