Construction Planner

Construction planner for internal construction measures for water and energy supply.

3 months
Project Time

Thanks to the use of skybow in combination with SharePoint, Gelsenwasser can plan, document and evaluate internal construction measures for water and energy supply more efficiently. The intuitive usability of skybow's low-code platform enables an internal team to quickly implement all requirements in the construction planner without extensive programming knowledge.


Gelsenwasser AG is a specialist for sustainable infrastructure solutions for water and energy supply, waste water disposal and other infrastructure services. For this purpose, internal construction measures have to be efficiently planned, documented and evaluated. The existing SharePoint system had reached its limits. A solution was needed that optimises processes and better maps requirements. There were individual, self-developed features that were already being used as solutions. In addition, each operational directorate had its own pipe network planning in use. So there was no uniform standard.

Gelsenwasser wanted to implement the solution in SharePoint Online and establish a central solution for all operational directorates. In addition, all construction measures were to be digitized. The approval processes and procedures associated with them were also to be optimized in the construction planner with the help of skybow. It was important to create a clear solution for the users.

The decision was made in favor of skybow because it offered the possibility to modernize and improve many processes and the configurations could be made independently. skybow is particularly suitable for Gelsenwasser, as it provides functions that are not available purely via SharePoint or can only be created with great effort. An important concern was the possibility to carry out the configuration independently and also by non-experts.

How we solved it

The construction planner had to be easy to use. Here, the solution particularly benefits from the simple layout of SharePoint, which could be made even more intuitive thanks to the numerous styling options offered by skybow. As a result, the user experience of the construction planner could be significantly enhanced with the help of the what-you-see-is-what-you-get editor in the skybow Forms Designer.‍

skybow dossiers were used to clearly display all available information on a construction measure in the planner. The fact that several detailed lists can be displayed simultaneously at a glance in the dossiers is particularly advantageous when several orders have to be placed for a construction measure.

Automation Actions in skybow Solution Studio were used to automate standardized workflows. Thus, defined actions are always created and tasks triggered after the creation of a new construction measure in the planner.

The provisioning feature of skybow helps Gelsenwasser to continuously develop and test the construction planner and to conveniently deploy updates. This is necessary because requirements in the construction industry are constantly changing and the planning process in the company is also evolving and adapting to modern developments.

The entire construction planner was created in cooperation with skybow partner busitec.

Lina Günther
Lina Günther
ITI/D, Gelsenwasser AG

We chose skybow because the low-code platform offers all the features we need to implement our Planner for construction measures. It is also super easy to use, so we can develop the solution independently. We also extremely appreciate the good and close cooperation with skybow's partner busitec.

The Solution

Thanks to the use of skybow in combination with SharePoint, Gelsenwasser can plan, document and evaluate internal construction measures more efficiently. The intuitive usability of skybow and the low-code approach enable a quick implementation of the requirements for the construction planner without extensive programming knowledge.

The construction planner ensures that all responsible employees can see all information, documents and tasks at a glance, anytime and everywhere. This way, all employees are up to date and meetings at the construction sites are much easier due to the availability of the information. The result is a clear planner with which all construction measures can be managed at a glance.

The single source of truth created by the skybow dossiers also makes it easier for the employees to complete tasks such as cost estimation much more quickly and easily.

Screenshot from the construction planner at Gelsenwasser AG. Here the whole planning process of a project is shown in a dossier.

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