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SharePoint Recruitment Tracker

The SharePoint recruitment tracker automates the recruiting process of leads coming from the Meta API.


The SharePoint recruitment tracker was connected to the Meta API. This allows candidates to be imported directly into the SharePoint solution via Facebook or Instagram. There they go through a standardized process, which was automated with the help of the skybow Solution Studio.


Recruiting teams that have many online requests often face the challenge of manually processing and organizing them. The process is always the same, but is still very individual for each company. It is therefore often difficult to digitalize the process completely with standard tools.

Many manual steps are required to sort the candidates, assign them to suitable positions, guide them through the process and always provide them with adequate support. This process is both time-consuming and error-prone.

Therefore, the SharePoint recruitment tracker was the perfect solution to digitize, modernize and automate the recruiting process.

How we solved it

All candidates are recorded in the SharePoint recruitment tracker. On the one hand, they are imported directly from paid lead campaigns into the SharePoint solution via the Meta API. The integration of the Meta API was easy and quick to implement thanks to the skybow Automation Action Builder. Using HTTP API requests, data from numerous backend systems or from Meta (Instagram and Facebook) can be imported into the SharePoint solution. Incidentally, there are no additional costs for such premium connectors.

On the other hand, the recruiting team has the option of entering candidates manually. This is done digitally with the help of SharePoint Forms in the SharePoint recruitment tracker. These were created with the SharePoint Forms Designer from skybow. The feature allows the forms to be adapted precisely to the company's requirements. This way, they match the CI and offer all the required functions. This includes, for example, conditional formatting or automation actions directly on the forms.

The candidates are managed in dossiers in the SharePoint recruitment tracker. This is a skybow feature that allows you to create master-detail-relationships in SharePoint with just a few clicks. This means that all information about the candidates is bundled in just one place. All documents, emails and data are visible and easy to find for all responsible employees.

As soon as the candidates are entered, they all go through the same recruiting process. This is triggered automatically in the SharePoint recruitment tracker. Numerous previously manual tasks have been automated:

  • E-mails with information or status are automatically sent to the candidates.
  • Automated text messages are also used as reminders for communication with candidates.
  • Tasks for employees are created automatically.
  • The team is also reminded of tasks that have not yet been completed via Microsoft Teams Messages.

All of this was implemented using the standard Automation Actions available in skybow. These only need to be slightly customized for the SharePoint recruitment tracker. No programming knowledge is required.

Matus Izakovic
Matus Izakovic

The SharePoint Recruitment Tracker is an absolute game-changer for our customer. It helps them to serve huge customers, such as Google, much better. Thanks to skybow, we were able to map the entire process individually in SharePoint and connect the Meta API without any problems. This was not possible with any other platform.

The Solution

A standardised form was created for social media customer relationship management (CRM). This is advertised on social media. The form is used to capture potential candidates interested in a specific job. The data collected in the process is automatically analysed by the tool.

The SharePoint recruitment tracker built with skybow with access to all the relevant information and workflows.

Potential candidates are automatically contacted through various means, such as email, SMS or Microsoft Teams. This is done through the use of automated follow-up systems in the SharePoint recruitment tracker. The status of each candidate is matched and mapped against the requirements of the searching company.

The entire process, including contacting applicants and tracking the status of each applicant, is monitored and managed by the SharePoint recruitment tracker. The tracker also ensures that all relevant information about each applicant is kept up to date. In addition, all interactions with candidates are properly documented.

The whole recruiting process is mapped in the SharePoint recruitment tracker and alway transparent to the users.

This ensures that companies find the best candidates. The use of automated workflows in the SharePoint recruitment tracker improves the efficiency and accuracy of the entire process. In addition, the tool reduces time and costs for all parties involved.

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